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    Photography thread

    My dad's an avid bird watcher and when we travel together, we take pics of birds. I've think I've taken more pictures of birds than of anything else.
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    switching to all grain question

    Ha! Could be best set of posts ever!
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    NEWBIE - Please Help Me Get Started!

    Welcome BrettCo! Prepare yourself for a ton of options! I think first you'll need to explain what you mean by "All Grain Brewing System". Grainfather or something similar? Or burners, kettles, and a mash tun? Also, you'll need fermenters, temp control for the fermenters, sanitization...
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    150qt Coleman Xtreme Mash Tun

    The lifting is more of a concern after the mash, just for clean up. But as I said, I'm sure my current pulley system can handle it. So it seems that as long as I make a large enough batch with enough grains (to maintain proper temp), and as long as I can deal with the weight of the wet grain...
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    150qt Coleman Xtreme Mash Tun

    Thx for the response. I'm already doing the 10 gallon batches with the 70 qt cooler. Love it. I had considered the extra weight for the 20 gallon batches, but I've got a pulley system that can handle up to 250 pounds, as I recall. While heavy, I think I can manage that part. Any other downsides?
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    150qt Coleman Xtreme Mash Tun

    Hey all. I do 10 gallons batches currently, and I use the "mash in a bag" technique with a Coleman 70qt Xtreme cooler, and it works great. I'm looking to move to 20 gallons at a time to not brew so often, and I was checking out the Coleman Xtreme 150qt coolers. Anyone have any experience with...
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    No fermentation again and again

    Did you have good fermentation before these four batches? Or are these your first?
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    Water differences

    If it were me, I'd start with small batches of Centennial Blonde. It's inexpensive and a relatively quick turnaround, grain to glass. But keep in mind this style can reflect all sorts of flaws, not just the difference in the water source. Keeping the water as the only variable in this experiment...
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Yup. I was nearly struck by lightning there. Great hike. I grew up there, so I figure unfair advantage. Also, I don't have a pic with me to post. I love that area though. Great fishing. And New Belgium is downstream from there, just to clarify.
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    Ping-Pong ball dry hop in keg?

    I've done this a dozen or so times with no issue except for one time when the keg had about 25% left, the bag clogged the outlet tube.
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    Stupid CO2 Leaks - How to Know?

    Agreed about the quantity, doubly agreed about the growler.... I suppose weight does seem to be the best metric to use based both on cost and reliability. Thank you all for your input. I am off to buy a scale.
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    Stupid CO2 Leaks - How to Know?

    Thank you for addressing the question! This has been my MO to date. It works 90% of the time. But as you said, a drop in pressure could be CO2 dissolving into the beer. It could be someone pulled a pint or two when I wasn't there. And it requires at least one day or more to know if you have a...
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    Stupid CO2 Leaks - How to Know?

    Thanks again for all the great info on clamps. I'll be sure to check out the Oetiker clamps for future use. But I found the leak, I believe I fixed it, but the point is: How can I know that I truly have no leaks in my system other than waiting for my CO2 tank to be empty? Is there a way to...
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    Stupid CO2 Leaks - How to Know?

    Thx for the quick reply. I hear ya, and that's how I found the leak. I'm more asking about if there's a way to preemptively know there's a leak before my CO2 tank is empty. As I said, tank connection, regulator, manifolds and QDs have been checked early and often. I just want to know if there...