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  1. radwizard

    Announcing the release of 'Mash Made Easy' version 10.60

    I just downloaded the new version. Something seemed different on the drop down for grain inputs. It did not give me options for common inputs like roasted or base malts.
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    What do you do with your spent grains?

    I compost them. I bought a 15 page paper shredder on Craigslist and I shred cardboard boxes that mix with the grains. It makes great compost and I dispose all of my grain and cardboard this way. If you mix daily it can be usable compost very quickly. It takes a lot of cardboard scrap to make...
  3. radwizard

    Glycol Chiller not Chillin

    Yeah, I did do that. Actually I had a very successful crash to 36F. I went to 40, switched the lines and then pushed it to 36 for 24 hours. I dumped yeast this morning. After the dump, I had a bright idea to see if I could get it lower, and set the TC to 34. This is where it stopped...
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    Glycol Chiller not Chillin

    Howdy, This morning I tried to push my fermenter further down after a cold crash (TC @ 34 - Chiller - 28) there seems to be a halt in the chilling action. I would have to assume there is ice build up on the Spike Coils. My beers temp is reading 44f at this time (from 36 this morning) and...
  5. radwizard

    Make IPA Clear Again

    I wish they'd make Barely Wine Clear Again...
  6. radwizard

    Washington Calling all Vancouverites

    Local Homebrew Comp. Bros Cascadia is doing a Homebrewers Comp with Bader Brewing Supply. Drop off date is Dec. 10 at either location Be there, or be square.... How many Vancouver folks do we have on here anyways?
  7. radwizard

    Is this mold?...I think it's mold :(

    I would say that is not mold. Most likely pellicle related... Your process sounds good, and there isnt any surface floaties (like fruit) that would get me more worried.
  8. radwizard

    ~50gal Bottom-draining Mash Tun with Manway?

    Stout has an 80 gallon, 2 BBL. Out of your specs, but looks pretty sweet
  9. radwizard

    Hop rocket anyone ever use pellet hops

    I reckon a cone / pellet combo would get ya some better results as far as flow and filtering. Pellets are much easier to deal with in the kettle, I can't imagine a device making it easier to separate then a standard whirlpool collection. Cones are a different ballgame, and a proven to be a...
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    Mecca Grade Estate Malts

    I go 16% in my favorite Saison recipe. I like to use low amounts in my more Trappist style beers too.
  11. radwizard

    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    I've done donations with beer attached as a gift. I'm not sure if its 100% legal or not. It's for a good cause I am am not profiting on it, so it works for me. I have used online donation sites, and have a friend deal with all that. It's a good way to get people excited to donate to a good...
  12. radwizard

    Orange juice to lower mash PH?

    I would go with the Sauergut Starter. It should be pretty easy for you to whip up 2 liters of Sour Wort and use that for an acid addition. I would even suggest that this could be nicer then the other options you do not have available to you now anyways.
  13. radwizard

    Support Hops in an IPA

    Crystal and Centennial has always been my go to for that. Crystal goes really good in IPAs for me.
  14. radwizard

    Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed

    I do, that was my original plan. I just really liked the idea of something smaller like the pump used on my HVAC. I'll do some research on different pumps. Really I just want to avoid adding a holding tank for the waste water to be pumped out of.