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    Ice water in wort for cooling

    This is what i would do as well. You could even freeze 3/4 full gallon jug of water (so the water is just below the handle) and then cut the plastic away and plop that 3/4 gallon ice cube into your hot wort. Or do the same with a handful of regular water bottles as well.
  2. knotquiteawake

    I need a solid Extract suggestion stat! Something crisp and fall-ish. Thanks!

    Same age spread as my kids are going to have. Two years between the first two and 4 years between the youngest two. I managed to break out into all grain this year. Even got 4-5 batches down. But now its going to have to be on pause a little bit longer. It definitely wasn't as hard or time...
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    I need a solid Extract suggestion stat! Something crisp and fall-ish. Thanks!

    I like the sound of this one. I think After these two brews I'm going to put that one into the pipeline for after the baby's born.
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    What's the worst craft brew (commercial) you've had?

    Sam Adams Christmas Beers. They're terrible. The worst ever was the Cherry Porter thing. It was vile. Low carbonation, sweet cheery, malty... yuk. Close second was the one they made with junipers. Then third place would be Shiner's Prickly Pear beer.
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    I need a solid Extract suggestion stat! Something crisp and fall-ish. Thanks!

    Thanks! I found one similar, the EdWorts Haus Pale Ale. Seemed super easy with a simple malt/hops bill. I almost ordered the stuff for that 15 minute ale. I was on the fence between that one at EdWorts Haus Pale. I went with the one with 1,000,000+ views and thousands of comments. Seems...
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    Caffeinated Beer?

    I would be very curious to see how anhydrous caffeine powder (available on amazon i think) would work in beer. I am pretty sure caffeine in general imparts a very bitter flavor so you'd have to take that into account. With the powder you could just add however many grams you want to bring a...
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    Parents who brew...

    I wish i could brew outdoors at night/evening. We live next to a lake so the bugs/gnats are THICK around any light source. The only time of year I can brew at night outdoors is a couple months of the "coldest" part of winter (which in North Texas Means 40's-50s). If i want to evening brew its...
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    Parents who brew...

    After my first kid nothing much changed. At that point I was an extract/partial mash brewer. After my second kid was born I just ran out of time completely and took a 4 year break. I just started brewing again in February doing All Grain. That was a lot of fun and made some great beers...
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    I need a solid Extract suggestion stat! Something crisp and fall-ish. Thanks!

    All my all grain gear is buried in the garage. Its going to take several more weekends to get to freeing it. What I have on tap right now is nearly gone so I'm in a bit of a beer crisis. I also need to do a practice extract run anyways since we're adding a 3rd spawn in November and then i'll...
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    Hoppy Session Saison, like a Sierra Nevada Session IPA but with Belgian Funk

    Its finally hot enough out in the garage to do this! Its so HOT i'll actually need temp control to keep it COOLER than 95 degrees! We're going to make it this weekend.
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    Beers that age well?

    Great info. Thanks.
  12. knotquiteawake

    Beers that age well?

    Just bottled a batch of Graff cider. This one accidentally started at 1.062 and finished at 1.011... Its still sweet tasting and rocket fuel strong.
  13. knotquiteawake

    Storing in kegs

    I accidentally left a keg of Ale sitting in the kegerator (which was not powered on all the time) for 4 years. I was starting up brewing again when i realized I hadn't actually kicked that last keg. So I tapped it at room temp and out poured a still very delicious ambiguously flavored Ale of...
  14. knotquiteawake

    Beers that age well?

    I have a fermentation chamber i just built out. I think in the winter it might be able to maintain 45-ish degrees without too much issue. If i can brew a lager shortly before the spawnling comes then leave it in the fermentation chamber for a couple months while i work through the other stock...