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    Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout Clone

    Hey sorry about the late reply. Here is what I went with and not saying it was an exact clone but it was pretty tasty and I tried very hard to go by the info on the site. Maris Otter (Crisp) (4.0 SRM) 42.0 % Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM) 14.8 % Pale...
  2. J

    Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout Clone

    That clone is too light on color and the website states the oatmeal is at 15%. I had to use a lot of roasted malts to match their srm but I put them in at sparge and didn't let them sit for long. It came out pretty smooth like the real thing and was pretty close to me. Also as you mentioned...
  3. J

    Stone 18th IPA bottles conditioned?

    So your saying they use paceman to bottle condition?
  4. J

    Stone 18th IPA bottles conditioned?

    Just got a bottle and it appears like there is some yeast at the bottom. Anyone else notice this? It could be hops but sure looks like yeast. Might try making a starter but I only have one bomber, hoping this is their elusive house strain.
  5. J

    Bottling 13% abv beer

    I have used good ol us05 in a beer that high and it carbed fine.
  6. J

    What temp to ferment Red Stripe Lager clone...?

    Those instruction are for making a starter not for fermentation. And actually with lagers it's highly recommend to do a starter since proper pitch rates are high with a lager.
  7. J

    Sulfur Sulfur and more Sulfur...

    Yeah a d-rest might help a bit since c02 comes out of solution better at higher temps. Might help blow some of the sulfur out. Don't know if that would work for sure but I have heard of people venting the co2 a few times when in keg to help with sulfur smells in beer.
  8. J

    ECY12 Old Newark Beer

    Ok so to anyone following this I brewed with this strain yesterday. I thought for a while that I had ecy10 and was stoked to try it in my Rye IPA. Turns out it was this strain guess I had ecy10 on the brain. I thought oh well I heard it was probably just chico so should do well in an IPA either...
  9. J

    Fermcap-s in fermenter... no blow off?

    You might need to. There were some arguments on the overuse of it but I think it settles out pretty well. I usually end up using it with starters, in the boil, then in the fermenter.
  10. J

    WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast

    YMMV but I wouldn't recommend fermenting this strain colder then the recommended temps. It doesn't give off flavors but takes way longer to ferment the beer. I didn't really notice it being any cleaner then fermenting in the recommended range so really no benefit to it as far as I have seen..
  11. J

    Wyeast 3739 Flanders Golden Ale

    I have noticed that as well. With some aging even though my BSDAs finish pretty dry with this strain they start to round out very nicely. The one I made that got to 13% ended at 1.004 and is quite malty and rich now after 2 years in the bottle. Wonderful strain.
  12. J

    Can't tell if starter is live or not

    Yeah generally will not see any co2 bubbles unless some fermentation took place.
  13. J

    Wyeast 1007 - stuck?

    Extract or all grain? If all grain what was the mash temperature? I have used this strain a few times and don't remember it taking a long time. Also many of these English strains will drop out early and rousing them a bit will help get things going. I generally overpitch most English strains a...
  14. J

    Red wheat vs White wheat

    I had heard red wheat has a maltier flavor with white being more neutral in flavor. I don't do wheat beers much at all I have used the red mostly in small amounts for head rettention
  15. J

    I can't stand Nitrogen

    I totally agree. The thing that put it over the top was a friend gave me a bottle of Young's double chcolate stout and normally I love this beer but this one had the nitro widget and was not good. To me they all have a certain flavor that is hard to describe but not desirable. Muting I guess...