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  1. John53189

    Wisconsin 20 Gal Kettle - Concord

    Looks like its 18 gallons, not 20?
  2. John53189

    why are PID's so much more popular than PLC?

    Free, ok I would too. There is always an "oh ****, turn it down" factor to vfd pumps from my experience. Its a love/hate relationship we have...
  3. John53189

    why are PID's so much more popular than PLC?

    Why would you add vfd drives on a system with lights, pushbuttons and switches? Isnt the beauty of manual rig having a manual valve on a pump discharge to adjust flow?
  4. John53189

    My beer in a local brewery...

    We had a quick conversation, just to get some minor details. Sounds like they want me to be there on brew day. So far that's it, he is busy trying to get open. I don't expect much, but I don't think I can let them "have" the recipie.
  5. John53189

    My beer in a local brewery...

    I have been approached ( through a friend) by a new start up brewery that wants my one of my beers there. They had my beer at an event awhile back. They know a friend of mine, so that's how it tied together. I don't know what to expect when I talk with them. Anyone else had this experience?
  6. John53189

    Electric Brewing Vent fan - HUGE leak - any help ?

    I have a 6" fan, but my fan is 5 feet from the hood. You can try moving the fan down stream and run 6" from the hood to the fan...if i boil at 100% i get condensation after 20 minutes. I took my fan apart and sealed the case with silicone. i have this one...
  7. John53189

    Electrical element not turning on

    Cool...make notes!
  8. John53189

    Electrical element not turning on

    Could be the relay...without seeing the wiring and schematics, it's just a guess. Triple check your incoming power also
  9. John53189

    Electrical element not turning on

    Did you test each leg to ground? If you have 120 with one lead on ground and one on power, what do you get? Sounds like it may be a bad connection.
  10. John53189

    50 amp sorta budget build

    Few updates...quick disconnect sensors from Auber last year, then I added a grain mill. Cereal killer mounted to a quick homemade stand from shelf stock and 2x2 pine. Got the motor from All American Ale Works. This year I changed my mash tun to a 25 gallon economy AIH one weld kettle (scratch &...
  11. John53189

    Trouble motorizing a grain mill

    Here's my cereal killer, in case your interested
  12. John53189

    Witbier What the WIT - White IPA

    Subscribed...very interested to brew this next week
  13. John53189

    American Wheat Beer Gumballhead Clone

    Soooo...where is the recipie?
  14. John53189

    Southeast WI source for cider?

    There is a place on national ave & Racine ave in New Berlin. I pass it a lot, can't remember the name but it's on National (ES) just west of Racine ave
  15. John53189

    Whole Grape Juice in Cider?

    Gravity measurements would answer your question. Could be stuck or slow fermentation.