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  1. jjw5015

    First Impression of Clear Beer Draught System (CBDS)

    I don't know, man. Kind of wondered the same thing myself. I cut mine a few inches shorter to remove some of the extra slack, and I'm wondering if there is too much tension on the tube now to let it float loosely. Only thing I can think of.
  2. jjw5015

    First Impression of Clear Beer Draught System (CBDS)

    My guess is it isn't floating perfectly, and pulling air from the headspace too. This happens with my torpedo floating dip tube. Towards the end of the pour, seems like the dip tube is no longer in the liquid. I just give it a little shake and it's usually ok.
  3. jjw5015

    Make IPA Clear Again

    Please just let this thread die.
  4. jjw5015

    Water for NE IPA

    You want higher chloride than sulfate. Typically a 2:1 or 3:1.
  5. jjw5015

    Whazzup with Amazon?

    They are prioritizing deliveries of household necessities, medicines, etc. And also everything listed above probably contributes to it.
  6. jjw5015

    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    But he’s talking about getting to 8%, not making a 14% barleywine
  7. jjw5015

    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    More malt...using more of a pale malt isn't going to make it darker
  8. jjw5015

    Using hibiscus and hibiscus/rasberry tea for a PINK IPA... how and when...

    I wish you the best, but I don't think you're going to get the color you're hoping for with a NEIPA. Probably going to be more brown than anything. You need a lightish/clear base.
  9. jjw5015

    NHC / NHBC 2020

    yeaaaa, none of this is actually going to happen.
  10. jjw5015

    Berliner Weisse yeast choices

    You can literally use anything, but given those options I'd use US05
  11. jjw5015

    Cold crashing suck back solutions

    Please post a picture of your collapsed fermenter next time you do this.
  12. jjw5015

    Cold crashing suck back solutions

    Not sure, but the point isn't to sanitize the oxygen, it's to keep oxygen from coming back in at all.
  13. jjw5015

    Your First Batch Stories

    Did you pull the pressure relief valve at all when changing your pressures?
  14. jjw5015

    Commercial keg prices

    I think it's like that everywhere. Just doesn't seem to be much of a deal to buy in 'bulk'
  15. jjw5015

    Your First Batch Stories

    congrats! your volume looks quite low, so some top up water would've brought the gravity down closer to your expected numbers.