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    50% Coupon for Inkbird New Released Waterproof bbq Thermometer

    I am also in the US and very interested! Was looking at the Thermoworks model this past week.
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    Water test kits - LaMotte or iDip

    Order a test from Ward Labs in Nebraska. Takes about a week.
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    new Northern Brewer catalog. megapot 1.2

    I use my MegaPot 1.2 as a mash tun. I have connected the "Universal False Bottom" to both my HLT and MLT using some flexible high-temp hose. So far no clogging issues or stuck sparges. I added a DIP tube to my boil kettle and use stainless steel scrubbers and ironically, had a clog *yesterday*...
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    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Agreed. I now do 3 days at 24psi at 36F, no shaking, works great. When I did shake and roll it, 26 psi for 90 seconds - roll on a carpet or towel, stand upright, let it fill again then shut off the gas.
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    Rubystreet Brewing Systems

    I was looking at the Alpha Ruby system for over a year. It was the perfect design for my setup (15-25G batches) and I really wanted a one-tier system. I finally got to see it in person at NHC and fell in love. However the price tag was fairly high! I met a guy in my HBC that has a machine shop...
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    Difference between PBW, OxyClean and BKF?

    Hello friends. I've been using PBW to clean fermenters and corny kegs, scrub my pots, etc. and using OxyClean to remove labels from bottles. On the surface they seem like very similar cleansers and I am curious if I can save some money by using OxyClean on my brew equipment? I also discovered...
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    Single-tier custom brewstand (and electric help)

    Unfortunately the images are broken. I'd love to see what you did. At this point I am considering splicing the pump wires into two switches mounted into a weatherproof 2-gang outlet box.
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    Single tier, automated propane rig

    Nice job Todd. Where do you buy those control panel boxes and do they come in smaller sizes?
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    Single-tier custom brewstand (and electric help)

    I really liked the look of the Alpha Street Ruby system which is sized to handle my larger 30-40G mash and boil kettles for 15-25G batches. However the price was a *bit* out of my reach. Fortunately I helped a brew club member to make the all grain brewing transition and it turns out he owns a...
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    Oregon Brew Crew's 14th Annual Fall Classic Homebrew Competition

    The Oregon Brew Crew's 14th Annual Fall Classic Competition October 24, 2015 - Entries due THURSDAY October 15, 2015 Event Website and Registration Event Location 13 Virtues Brewing Company 6410 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202 Entry Categories All...
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    Post Your Brew Dungeon

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    Post Your Brew Dungeon

    Ironically that part of our basement is called the "dungeon". When we bought the house there was a dirt floor, one dangling light bulb and it felt a torture chamber in there. I think "Dungeon Brewing " was taken though...
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    Post Your Brew Dungeon

    Years of collecting and homebrewing! I've been labeling all my bottles the past 5 years and one of those shelves are my bottles but yes, it is way more beer than any of us need.
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    Post Your Brew Dungeon

    Here you go! Need to photograph the other side with the keezer and aging sours!
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    Issues with first lager fermentation

    Thanks guys. I rouses and used Mr. Malty and pitched a large starter (crashed and decanted first). Even after gentle rousing and 4 days at 66 there was no additional activity. I racked to cornys and took them down to 40 for conditioning. Hoping it isn't too sweet!