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    Dry Hopping in pressured fermenter.

    Yes, I did exactly the same last night. Thanks for reassuring my decision 😉
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    Dry Hopping in pressured fermenter.

    but how do you the hops?
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    Dry Hopping in pressured fermenter.

    Hi all, I want to pick your brain regarding dry hopping. Log post coming. TL : DR: best way to avoid oxidation in fermzilla, which sits at 10PSI at the moment. I ferment in fermzilla fermenters, and currently I have an IPA that has stopped fermenting and I want to dry hop. I usually put a hop...
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    Motor for barley crusher

    I have a cordless drill that has regulated torque. I thought about an engine or a stand but I brew 5gal batches and the time it takes to mill that amount of grain is pretty much insignificant.
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    Pitching temperature and no fermentation.

    Hi all, long time lurker…I had an issue with my thermometer and pitched the yeast at 45C (110F). Safale US05. I put it the fermentation fridge and now sits at 18C (65F) 30 hours later, no signs of activity. All the yeast sits at the bottom of the fermenter. No changes in the gravity either (I...
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    I am an engineer, I work in a big company where we do amazing stuff. But the epiphany is that I realized some time ago that I love handy work. That's why I cook, then I became a master baker, then moved to brewer (not a master yet) and then to woodworking. I brew because I love beer (who...
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    at what temp does yeast die?

    This is so good to read. Yesterday my Anvil Foundry marked 24C but when I transferred the Tilt marked 39C. I freaked out. It took me a couple of hours to get it under 25C. 39C is 102F and I over pitched so I might be safe. I might repitch if I don't see activity in a couple of days.
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    Carbonation choices

    Hi all... So, new to kegging. First was set it and forget it, took a couple of weeks but turned fine. Second was forced carbed 2 days ago, a disaster, but could save it thanks to this Now I want to try...
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    Overcarbed Keg? Here's an INSTANT SOLUTION!

    I literally JUST DID THIS AND WORKED LIKE A CHARM. you're a life saver. I cannot thank you enough.
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    Exceedingly foamy keg pours

    What low pressure did you guys use?
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    Bought a chest freezer today, time to build keezer

    This is the tutorial I followed: Has a list of the things to buy. I recommend using faucets with flow control.
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    Keg King Malt Muncher 3 Frustrations

    It's all there. I put it together and will test it tomorrow...
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    Keg King Malt Muncher 3 Frustrations

    Hi all, The nice people from US Customs might have thought that the MM3 was a threat, so they took it out of my luggage and stripped it. Besides de terrible aesthetic damage, now I need to set it up from scratch. Any tutorials or pointers on how to put it together? Thanks everyone.
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    Keg King Malt Muncher 3 Frustrations

    Hi, I’m re opening this thread since I just read it and I’m concerned. I just bought the Malt Muncher 3 from Amazon, sold by Amazon. Is it the real one? I mean, if it’s going to mean problems, I might just cancel the order...
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    Kegging 101 for newbie

    I will follow the advice of a fellow brewer who does this for a living 😂 and will sanitize the keg, pour the beer with a syphon and then purge the remaining air with co2. Then I'll lager it and carbonate it prior to serving it. Thanks everyone, this has been quite an informative thread!