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    Lager Yeast at Room Temp

    We have done this before and it is normally done to California common beers. It works great although fermentation will take much longer to get started like 1-3 days. Give it a shot...if going with a lighter ale it can make a really good session beer for summer, just be patient with the yeast...
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    Fruiting Secondary

    just a thought...I make a pineapple pale & raspberry cream ale and have tried every stage possible. Primary usually give me too much of a veggie/gritty flavor from pulp...etc...First let the beer mellow for like a week after primary if possible. Best so far is pureed and pasteurized then put...
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    That One Special Recipe

    What is that? . EDIT--- duh...infused vodka via the bottle in the back ;)
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    Mirror Mirror Barleywine

    yeah well some people like it and some don't. we will be tasting every 5 days or so to see when we wanna stop. Might be quick....might not... Plus there is oak in it to simulate barrel aging and i wanna keep that subtle.
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    Mirror Mirror Barleywine

    Good point ;) I am thinking like the brew dog/dogfish rarity type bottles. I wanna be able to send it to some family members.
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    Finally posted Pecan Pie Ale Recipe

    i can try and take a look in beer alchemy in the next week or so and make the conversion for you. All you really need to do is switch the 2 row out for extract...I would also make sure and steep your specialty grains for a solid hour as they add allot of the character of this beer.
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    Finally posted Pecan Pie Ale Recipe

    did not want to have 2 posts with the same info so here is the link to batch 2 results. :ban:
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Croûte de Pécan Bière (A Pecan Pie Ale)

    :mug:DO NOT DRINK THIS BEER ICE COLD. Gets better as it sits after secondary (i give it 2 weeks maturation time). You may want to add a little carapils for better head retention. Also, bringing the brown sugar down a bit will probably cut the dry alcohol edge off. Add 2 cap-fulls venetian...
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    That One Special Recipe

    Agreed, it just sounds arrogant...allot of us want to go "pro" but i think just as the craft beer industry has proven over the last year... collaboration is key on keeping the industry as a whole linked. Share unique ideas, yeah sure keep the best ones for yourself perhaps but in my experience...
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    Mirror Mirror Barleywine

    Yea, we brewed this last week and although we did not hit our goal...a little sugar helped with that :p. It's still rocking the primary and has a deliciously floral hop smell to it. After primary finishes we will check it to see if it needs any champagne yeast to finish it off although we...
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    Official 2009 Pay it Forward Thread!

    i could use that areator if that's cool EDIT- Thanks man!! That is awesome
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    carbonating a sankey

    thanks man...been searching everywhere and cant find many specifics that dont deal with brite tanks/pressurized/etc... i guess the only thing i should consider is to not push down the coupler till ready to dispense...but i guess gas should flow in freely without it being pushed down and...
  13. BoZzyFresh

    Advice on having brewpub fill my corny!

    maybe cut him a tube like what they use to fill growlers from the bottom but long enough to reach the bottom of the keg and have them fill it right from the tap?...ghetto i guess but it would work
  14. BoZzyFresh

    carbonating a sankey

    I have 2 5 gallon sankey kegs that we were using as secondary but i recently got a coupler for them. They have been cleaned and re-assembled. Should I just have to attache the coupler and attach the gas in and let it flow for a few days at 30 PSI i order to carbonate it? Obviously this is...