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    Shout out to your favorite online brew store.

    Learn to Brew in Edmond Ok. Austin Home Brew when I'm not going to the city anytime soon.
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    20.00 Palmer Kits !

    I've been drinking the oatmeal stout for a couple of weeks now and its hands down the best beer I've made yet . Now I realize that ain't saying a lot but its damn good !
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Shiner Clone in BIAB right now :rockin:
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    Schaefer clone

    Back in the mid 80's we sold that for 2.95 a 12 pack !
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    4.99 AIH Shipping

    :mad: Anybody have any luck using this ? Didn't work for me . Ordered two cases of bottles a brew bag , fermenting bucket . Cheapest shipping was 50.00 ? Started a chat and was told 99% of what they sell qualified ? I guess it only applies to one pkg of dry yeast !!!!! lol
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    Substituting Yeast

    Thanks ! I just ordered some more .
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    Substituting Yeast

    Have a Shiner Clone all grain kit . How would it turn out if I use Saf 04 instead of WLP029 ?
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    Yeast not refridgerated

    Thanks maybe I better order more !
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    Yeast not refridgerated

    Did a quick search here and got my answers !
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    Yeast not refridgerated

    I'll do that thanks . Another question . This kit has a package of alcohol boost and malto dextrin . The instructions don't mention either so I don't know when to add them .
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    Yeast not refridgerated

    I ordered a couple of all grain kits with WLP029 German Ale Kolsch Yeast . Then left on vacation for two weeks . So now the package has been sitting in 75* plus temps for three weeks. The package is some what swelled . I was planning on brewing today . Should I try it ? or order some more ?
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    Man did this turn out GREAT for my first all grain ! Great head on it slightly hoppy with a hint of spice . Will try this again for sure ! It is perfect for summer . Thanks bajaedition !
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    20.00 Palmer Kits !

    We'll somebody is buying them at noon only one was sold out now four are .
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    20.00 Palmer Kits !
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    20.00 Palmer Kits !

    AIH has these on sale for 20.00 bucks . Has anybody tried them .