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I buy the 33lb bulk container at The Brewer's Apprentice in Freehold NJ. The extract is Munton Fison and is priced at $54. They have a web site and will ship but shipping will be $$$. Good luck.


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Originally Posted by wilserbrewer
I buy the 33lb bulk container at The Brewer's Apprentice in Freehold NJ. The extract is Munton Fison and is priced at $54. They have a web site and will ship but shipping will be $$$. Good luck.

I live in an apartment, so buying in bulk isn't really convenient...

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Originally Posted by DeathBrewer
i'd go for the partial mashing. for pseudo mashing, all you need is a colander and you can do it in 3 easy steps.

1. steep your mash in 1.25 quarts of 150-160*F water for 30+ minutes
2. pour grains and water through colander into brewpot
3. pour some sparge water at 170*F over the colander (still filled with grains) into brewpot

add water to your boil limit, and BAM! you're ready for your boil. plus you've just improved the flavor of your beer and lessened the effects of extract twang.

There's a great article online at BYO about countertop partial mashing in a 2 gallon cooler using 4 pounds of grain and 1.5 gal of water for mash, and 1.5 for sparge. you can find it here
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Originally Posted by chemist308
So, I don't like the idea of brewing a batch for $50. That said, two 3# bags of extract can run you close to $30 or $40 depending on where you buy them. Where do you get your best online deals for extract? I'm seeing running about $12.5 for a 3# bag of Muntons. So with two of those plus a few specialty grains, a small amount of hops and the yeast and I'm hiting over $50 with the shipping to brew one batch. Does it come any cheaper or am I being a real cheapskate here?
Well to answer your question rather than tell you to convert to all grain. My last batch was an ESB and cost me $25, I used 6lbs LME, 1.5lb grains, 2oz hops and I reused yeast. Now I had a 10% coupon for my LBHS so before discount it was $27.5.
What type of beers are you making? If you are doing really hoppy beers they are going to be expensive. My local brew shop sells LME for about $3/lb I can't remember what dry costs maybe $4.5 or so.

I have great results reusing yeast, if you are not doing this I would highly suggest it and I will save you $8 right off the top. I am also starting to grow yeast out of bottle conditioned commercial beers.

For yeast washing check this out

for harvesting yeast from bottles read this

The other thing you can do to save money is buy things like bottle caps and priming sugar in bulk.

Or if you want to go with kits Austin Home Brew Supply has kits starting at $25-30 including everything. Shipping is $7 so the cost of shipping each kit gets cheaper with the more you order. I know you want to support your local guy but if you have to order online I really like AHBS, Forest the owner often posts on here and helps people plus the ship really fast and package well.

Good luck

EDIT AHBS is giving 10% this saturday load up

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The northern brewer pilsen malt extract is 13.50 for a 6 pound jug. That is usually enough for 5 gallons of beer, the extract is pretty high in quality, but I don't think it has the longjevity of the stuff in the cans so needs to be used within a few months of getting it. When I place a large order of grain or other stuff with them I usually buy 24lb of liquid pilsen extract to keep around and use. I have also found it is worthwhile to buy the 33 pound jerrycan if you are doing that much extract brewing, it works out to less than $2 per pound of extract.
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I use!!! they sell bulk lme in any amount!!!
For less than $2 a pound at any weight they can't be beat. Also they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders east of the mississippi!

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