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Originally Posted by passedpawn

Add lime or dolomite. I bet you lowered the pH of your compost too low for the wigglers. Need about neutral, 7.0.
Great point. Kinda like acid rain. ;-)

Thanks for the suggestion.
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I dump my spent grains on an old vinyl table cloth in the side yard area and spread them out and after 2-3 days this hot Arizona sun dries them out....then bag and dispose in trash. Don't ever leave them in the garage or any enclosed space or that smell will permeate everything in the space for a few days. (Been there done that)

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Spent grains...give to farmers..we appreciate it and our animals love it. I have everything but goats and when thrown to pigs...its a big deal!!!

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I sometimes spread them in the flower beds. During one brew, I was teaching my neighbor how to brew, I asked his son to dump the spent grains in the flower bed. Kids, being as literal as they are, simply dumped them in a pile. The next day, walking to my front door it smelled like someone had hidden a body in my flower bed.

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Great to know about the PIGS! I have an employee who raises them! next brew is going to feed the piggies!!


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Interesting about spreading them in your lawn. I don't have a large backyard and my two labs completely wreck my grass by the end of every summer. I'll have to give spreading spent around my grass a try.

Right now, I just have a piles in my garden area.

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I threw some in my back yard this summer and booyyyyy did that smell like death.

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Originally Posted by Pumbaa View Post
Isn't a landfill just a GIANT compost pile

I now may have to just start throwing mine in the garbage on principle
You sir win at life.
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composted with everything else makes great fertilizer........My golden loves it though and I always get the WTF look from her when I put it in the compost pile. so I have to save a little for her
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Ive cooked a bunch with spent grain. Breads, cookies, granola, grain flour for cakes and doughs.

Old lady says the dog gets no spent grain treats though. Woundering what people thought about this.
I understand the no grain fillers in dry food for the pooch that are useless to pay for
Didnt think they meant to cut out 100% grain from there diet....at least in a small bite size snack 1-2 times a day

Learned the easy way spent grain smells like dead carcass when i visited the local brewery wanting to smell the grain (extract brewer at the time). Lets just say i didnt make it within 5 feet of the bin.
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