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Im new to home brewing, starting a month ago, and on my 4th beer. I'm on the 1 a week plan and its been working great. Just ordered and received kegging equipment so Im enjoying the first three now.

Anyway....Id like some feedback on a beer I just made. It just went into the primary. Im fine with negative feedback but I wanted to try my own creation and deal with the results but at the same time Im sure a lot of you can give me some insight into my beer.

My base was the Brewers Best Whiskey Stout kit.

I wanted it to be an imperial stout, higher gravity, more of a night cap kinda beer. So to get it above the 6% that the kit starts as I added 25 ozs of priming sugar. I had it leftover from all of the other beers I've made and didn't use since I kegged them. Ill post my initial gravity later I haven't taken it yet, its still cooling. The priming sugar was added after the boil, before chilling. I wanted to make sure it dissolved easily but there was no need to boil it. Im looking for feed back on this because recently Ive had a lot of REALLY good 11% stouts so Im tempted to make it stronger...

The kit came was supposed to come with 2.5 ozs of whiskey oak chips, but for some reason my kit came with 5. Right now I have all 5 ozs, along with four vanilla bean stems soaking in a solid 10 ozs of jim beam black that I wanted to get rid of. I read reviews on here of people using anywhere from 1 oz to 25 ozs of whiskey. Im not sure how many ozs I have, but I can say that I have 700 milliliters of the mixture of the vanilla, chips and whiskey. I basically poured until it covered a bean that was cut it half, and then another inch because I wanted to finish the bottle.

I plan on letting the beer stay in the primary for at least two weeks since its a higher gravity. Im double pitching the yeast. Honestly, I may want it stronger. But ill see how the initial gravity is and I can always add some dextrose later. And the 700 milliliters of whiskey will help too.

I plan on making a beer every weekend so I can have some patience on this one. I think Ill do 2 weeks in primary, then rack and add the mixture of chips, vanilla and whiskey, and then let that age for....well...I dunno. Id give it at least a month. At that point I could add the CO2 and try it and see. But Im thinking I want this one to sit for a while and I think it will age better not begin refrigerated and under pressure. Is that correct?

Sorry for the long rant, but everyone understands that when you brew, you drink home brew, and when you drink homebrew you rant on forums...lol

Thoughts on the beer?

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