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You are tasting a sample that came straight out of your kettle, directly after the boil. It still has hops suspended in it. Most all post boil samples you taste will be very bitter. As long as you followed your recipe and the hop schedule you will be fine.

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Nov 2011
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Originally Posted by h22lude View Post
My OG was 1.058 (should be around 1.054). I tasted it and it is extremely bitter. Beersmith has the IBU at 33.7. I only took a little sip and the bitterness stayed for a few minutes before going away.

Why would this be so bitter? I'm assuming the bitterness will go away after fermenting for 3 weeks and keg conditioning for another 3 weeks.

I did the SAME THING! But don't worry after it ferments and conditions its sooo good. my citra hops were at 13.4% and i put a half oz. in the beginning of the boil and man did they bitter my beer! It mellows out nicely... real nice. If i could do it again i would leave it in the primary for a few more days and i would dry hop it..

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You'll be happy with you beer after you condition it. ust let it do it's thing.
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Yea, without carb and conditioning, there just is no way to tell how your final beer will taste. IMO, wort and fermenting beer, especially flat, taste extra extra bitter compared to the final product. If you followed the recipe, you'll get the bitterness called for.
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Do NOT blame the Citra hops. They're AWESOME.

Surly Wet is made from 100% Citra & it's one of the best beers I've ever had.
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My wort is always extremely bitter when I make hoppy beers

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I looked at this thread and was thinking to myself "I made a similar thread a while ago"...oh this is my thread lol

Yeah that beer is long gone and I loved it. I actually want to make it again.
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Planning on ordering this recipe this weekend from AHS.

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Originally Posted by Brandonovich View Post
I have been told never to use citra as boil hops. I bet that is the reason.
Citra is a fine bittering hop. Its low cohumulone levels impart a smooth bitterness. People however tend to save it for late in the boil due to it massive oil content.

Unfermented wort always tastes bitter to me. Let the yeast do its magic.

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Yeah, don't go on the hot wort sample. Citra is NOT a particularly bitter hop as far as hops goes, and remember that the hop bitterness and aroma is going to mellow out a TON between the wort stage and final beer.

You tasted it 4-6 weeks before it was complete, and right when the hops were the freshest! RDWHAHB, this batch is going to be fine!
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