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Georgian Novice
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Dec 2005
Columbus, GA
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Howdy, friends. I had one of "those" questions from SWMBO that kind of struck me as. . .very cool. The question was "how much would it take to get you all set up to brew all-grain?". I told her that I have never really priced everything out, but dear god, I would.

Anyone know of a good equipment list that one could consult and start to look at ready made equipment?

Thanks for the help.

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Jan 2007
Northborough, MA
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Tell us what you already have...

Most likely you'll need a bigger pot, outdoor cooker, mash tun, hot liquor tank.

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Jul 2006
Bee Cave, Texas
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Originally Posted by Georgian Novice
Anyone know of a good equipment list that one could consult and start to look at ready made equipment?

Thanks for the help.
Head on out to and get one of these puppies. Tell SWMBO you "Need It".

Makes 40 gallons - One-Pump System - Stainless Ball Valves come standard - Most options available Never run low on beer again - make up to eight five gallon kegs or 16 cases of beer in one brewing session! The newest BrewSculpture to join our fleet is also the largest, with a capacity of over 40 gallons. We took our space-saving B3-2000 design, with the mashtun positioned over the Hot Liquor Tank, and modified it to fit our 55-gallon kettles. Stainless Steel Ball Valves come standard on the B3-4000, as does the Natural Gas System. Propane is an option but since the burners pump out around 300,000BTU's - it would take more than one tank of Propane to finish a brew. Due to the size of the kettles we were not able to make a Tippy Dump option for this system, so you will have an opportunity to build muscles while scooping the grain out of the Mashtun. The counter flow chiller that comes included with this system is a brand new design made with convoluted copper tubing ran within an oversized 7/8" diameter outer copper tubing. This chiller comes outfitted with our clover clamp, Pro Series connectivity. While it is a large system it is surprisingly easy to operate. It is gravity-feed from the mashtun to the boil kettle, which allows for a hands-off sparge. Made from the same quality materials as our other systems, the new B3-4000 will be around for as long as you will! Perfect for brew clubs, obsessed homebrew brewers, commercial pilot system, or possibly even the initial stages of a very small-scale brewery.

4000 Dimensions & Weights
Stand Height 51 inch
Base Length 58 inch
Overall Height 79 inch
Stand Weight 140 inch
Widest Point 20 inch
Overall Weight 250 lbs

Price: $3400.00 (Product Does Not Qualify For Free Shipping)
Weight: 250.00LBS
Availability: Usually ships within 14 to 15 Weeks

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Oct 2005
Sunny Southern Vermont
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Originally Posted by EdWort
Price: $3400.00 (Product Does Not Qualify For Free Shipping)
3400.00 WTF, that is insane, I only wish I had that much discretionary income.

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Old 03-02-2007, 02:38 PM   #5
May 2006
Over the Rainbow
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If you go simple, you can get in for ~$125:

$25 Propane Tank
$40 Turkey Fryer (SS kettle)
$40 2 Rubbermaid coolers
$20 Tubing, valves, simple screen, misc. stuff

Of course this is for simple infusion mashes, which will work for most ales.

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Jul 2005
Poo-Poo Land
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Ask her this:

How much will she spend over her lifetime on snakeoils to fight wrinkles? In excel, enter the following: =-PV(.05, [years until she's 80], [amount spent per year on wrinkle cream]) with the stuff in brackets obviously substituted for real numbers. That's your budget for brew gear.
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Jun 2006
South River, NJ
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its actually easy for me... my fiancee currently drops 750/mo on board for her horse!! What I can't spend $400 on X, but you can spend upwards of 10G on horse stuff?? Hrmmmm

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Georgian Novice
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Dec 2005
Columbus, GA
Posts: 89

hehe, those are great posts, thanks. The $3,500 setup. .dear god, what fun. Need more than one tank of propane to brew one session - wow.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have been looking around at various sites and various "kits". Found a couple that are good "starters" anywhere from $350 to $500. I am just now getting myself used to AG terminology. Words I have been reading for years but not really "doing" like "mash tun, sparge" etc. so it is entering into that world after years of fun extract brewing. I don't even keg yet, although I have 4 cornies that SWMBO bought me at Christmas. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Dec 2006
Newnan, Georgia
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Here's a few suggestions, Read, Read, Read

How to Brew by John Palmer he also has a free version on his web site.

Brew Ware is a good book if you are into building some of your own equipt.

Ask questions on this forum before you buy not only about the equpt. but about the sellers. I bought a bunch of junk had I know about this forum they would have told me it was a POS before I laid down hard earn cash.

I have bought from the people and companies listed below:

Brew-4-less on ebay has a stainless steel 9 gallon pot with an installed temp. probe and ballvalve $99 + about $18 for shipping. It's not heavy duty or that great of a boil pot but good for heating mash and sparge water.

Petalbiker on ebay has some good deals on keggles. I won't buy any more cornies from him ( sold me a bunch of obsolete firestones & 1 leaks) but his keggle were good. here's 1 example with a ball valve.

these guyS have a reasonable prices on 10 gal coolers for a mash tun

Or Bass pro shop has a stainless steel turkey fryer will a large stainless kettle
for around $99, less if you catch it on sale.

A banjo burner from I think from bayou classic is a good one also (high output lp burner) .
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Brewing Clamper
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Apr 2006
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I guess it all depends on what you're willing/able to spend. It can range from just over $100 to well into the thousands. Whatever you tell her, make sure you overshoot the estimate by a good percentage, that way you can use it for "incidentals".

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