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Oct 2012
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Originally Posted by Pie_Man View Post
With my build, the initial washers that I bought didn't fit over the unthreaded part of the nipple. This caused the nipple to move forward and backward. I had to buy different washers that fit over they unthreaded portion of the nipple (slightly larger inside diameter). Both washers were sold as the same size, but the inside diameters varied. This allowed me to tighten everything properly with no leaks.

I don't completely understand your issue, but I thought this might help.
If I understood you correctly, I have to get washers that will go over that flat/unthreaded part of the nipple?

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Oct 2012
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That is correct. Some of the unthreaded part of the nipple should be protruding through to the outside of the cooler.

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Hop to it!
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Originally Posted by mattyb85
I'm not sure if I posted this in here before but I bought the weld-less bulkhead and 3 piece valve from to make mine and didn't need any washers or use the original rubber washer. Works like a charm
After searching the depo for about an hour not finding the parts I needed or the parts just not being in stock I took you advice and went to I couldn't be happier well worth the money and I got it in the mail 2 days later works perfectly!

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Jan 2012
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I tried the HD route first but to me buying 4 pieces (not including mash screen) is much better than buying a whole bunch and needing to use washers and stuff to make it for right

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Originally Posted by sarajevskopivo View Post
If I understood you correctly, I have to get washers that will go over that flat/unthreaded part of the nipple?
As others have said, and in my experience, yes.

Some people have used the build-a-bolt kits sold at Home Depot and/or Lowe's with success. I found the washers I needed at a local fastner store that typically caters to contractors. If you have one of these stores in your area, I'd give them a try. And bring the nipple piece with you. Good luck, finding the correct washers is the hardest part.

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Yup, I just happen to have a friend at a hardware distributor whose wife works with my wife. I call him with numbers, he pulls it, takes it home, wife to wife, back home to me. Love it. I buy what I can on my own but if it is stainless, big, or an odd size he is my go to guy.
Walmart is about the only reason for open or concealed carry that I can get behind. -Randar

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Apr 2012
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Just putting this out there, everything you need to fit a Mash Tun

I was able to get everything I needed from Silicone Tube >>> Barb >>> Ball Valve >> Washer >> Nipple >> Silicone Gasket >> Washer to build my MLT -- I think it was all about $18 w/ shipping. I then build a square manifold with cpvc (you could also use copper).

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Jul 2012
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I just finished my mash-tun. Followed the original directions. Got my washers at Fastenal. These would not fit over the middle (flat non grooved center part) of the nipple but held firm at the shoulder. This did not cause a problem. I used two washers on the inside and three on the outside. I used the original rubber seal on the inside of the nipple and two of the O ring gaskets on the outside of the nipple. Then I held the inside of the nipple with a wrench and tightened the outside of the nipple with a wrench. Worked like a charm. No leak whatsoever even loaded up to 10 gallons. Firm fittings, no wiggle, nice. Thank you to Fly Guy the OP and everyone for hints along the way. Like go to Fastenal for your washers. Hope to brew first All Grain this weekend.

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Nov 2011
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Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this easy tutorial.

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Jan 2012
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yup thanks to the OP.... i made this Mash tun and have used it 20+ times and it has never leaked a single drop!! These are great plans!

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