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I generally soak kicked keg with oxy for a day (or a few, depending on laziness), drain and then rinse with my homemade POS keg / carboy rinser that is very loosely based off of the forementioned keg cleaner... Basically it is some cpvc attached to my March with a sprinkler head on the top... I use a cob web brush if there is any sticky crud...

Disassemble every couple of batches and replace gaskets / o-rings as necessary...

Use Star-San and co2 to push through everything...
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My brew/CIP rig. I recirculate 160F PBW for ~15 minutes to clean the mash tun, boil tun, and various size kegs.

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I'm probably the last person (well, one of the last people) to say that it's not worth building a contraption for this, but all I use is...



equals clean keg. I don't even do the soak thing that folks have had good luck with, I really don't want to arse around with waiting for it, when I've got a half dozen kegs to do. So pull off the posts, take off the o-rings, and drop them, the gas in, the lid, and the poppets in a bowl of hot PBW (keeping them separate - I learned THAT lesson) then get to scrubbing the inside of the keg. Literally, takes me a minute or so. Flip upside down in the bucket while I give the poppets/posts/tubes a bit of attention, rinse everything, reassemble (replacing o-rings that need it), rinse again, seal it back up. When all the kegs I'm doing are clean, then I'll grab my keg of starsan and use a jumper to push it from keg to keg and back to my designated starsan tank.

Did four kegs the other day, all four were done and stashed in less than an hour.

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Dec 2006
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IMHO, my approach is way less work. I do not remove the keg posts or o-rings. I hook it up to the cleaner and it pumps about 500 gallons an hour. About a tenth of that flow goes thru the dip tubes and posts. I have disassembled several to check for crud and they have always been clean so I quit checking.
I guess it depends on volume. We make 35 gallon batches so we use 7 kegs with every batch. When I did 10 gallon batches I was fine with soaking and cleaning by hand.

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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by jldc View Post
I don't think you need all this Oxyclean. Just lots of clean water. Assuming you just killed the keg (ie, it's only had your own clean beer in it and isn't fresh from the LHBS with dried Pepsi in the bottom), it's basically clean to begin with. You need to get any yeast sediment or hops particles out, rinse it out, and re-sanitize.

I wouldn't hesitate to break out the OxyClean or PBW if it needs it, but if the keg was clean, and all it had in it was clean beer, how dirty can it get?L
+1 This is the most rational approach for sure and I generally agree, but I still do the Oxyclean soak and remove the posts etc every time as insurance. I may have to rethink my procedure.

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Originally Posted by stevehaun View Post
Here is mine. Great flow thru the diptubes! 10 min with PBW, 5 min with an acid rinse, then water rinse. We typically clean 8-10 kegs on brew day.
I built one very similar to this, I have it sitting in a large rubbermaid tub. It is a beast! I think it's really important to open the keg and at least spray out the chunks before cleaning...if you're doing several kegs that stuff can foul the water pretty quickly.

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Jan 2009
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I'm just doing 1-3 kegs at a time and I almost always have some 'old', room temp PBW in a bucket so I just preclean them with that. Then just before it's time to use, I make a small, fresh batch of hot PBW in the keg and final clean it.

I almost always disassemble. Probably a non-issue but it seems that if you don't disassemble and you soak with an alkaline cleaner, the PBW/Oxiclean may not be completely rinsed from small nooks/crannies around the posts. And if that alkaline PBW/Oxiclean isn't rinsed well it will just neutralize the acid in the Starsan rendering it ineffective. As mentioned above, the keg should be fairly sanitary if you just kicked it but still, I'm going through the trouble of trying to sanitize it so I'm not going to rely on the fact that it 'should' already be sanitary (if it was I wouldn't need to sanitize it in the first place).

If it's a keg that I just acquired, I always replace the o-rings and boil the poppets for a few minutes before using.
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Apr 2009
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A (new) toilet brush is perfect for scrubbing yeast sediment from the bottom of a keg.

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Nov 2008
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Originally Posted by SpanishCastleAle View Post
I almost always disassemble. Probably a non-issue but it seems that if you don't disassemble and you soak with an alkaline cleaner, the PBW/Oxiclean may not be completely rinsed from small nooks/crannies around the posts.
I always disassemble as well. IMO it's more important than using Oxy or PBW. Mechanically removing all trub/hops particles/misc scum is much better than trusting Oxy to dissolve them.


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Jun 2007
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you guys are more viligant than me. wash with unscented soap, rinse with hot water, then store.
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