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Do any of you guys have ideas how to pasteurize my already bottled beer/wine/mead without popping the caps or corks off/out? I've lost corks to 110 degree F temps so that worries me.

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What's happening is the CO2 that is dissolved into the beer (bottle priming) is building in the head space of your bottles, and when the pressure is too great, the bottle cap pops.

The only way (I can think) of bottling a batch would be: ferment it. when ready to bottle, pasteurize (not in bottles, whole batch), cool, put into keg, carbonate and bottle (using something like BierMuncher's Bottle Filler).

This is basically how macro is bottled (most will filter before pasteurization).

You will lose a bit of alcohol in the pasteurization (in the vapor, ethanol evaporates at about 72-78C), so the faster you can heat it up and cool it down, the less you will lose.
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