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Sounds to me she is just not used to the taste of good beer yet (I mean micro or homebrew). I would start with something light and not very better like a cream ale. These are very good but very mild. Light in color and a good lawnmower beer.
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Feb 2010
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Thank you all.
brewagentjay I'll have to try that one. sounds like it's right up her alley.

rundown house/clonefarmer - thank you for explaining the differences. greatly appreciated.

pappers - I don't think so but i've considered adding some sort of fruit extract/flavoring to weizen recipe. not sure if it's the same thing but was going to add a couple pounds of strawberries to one soon, but since I'll be moving soon I've decided against it.

ranger-I've been getting samples at a local beer store that sells nothing but micro brew or specialty beers. I'm only about half way through the first cooler. My plan is to taste each one starting from my left and working my way to my right.

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When I first started drinking, I thought Bud was decent stuff. I tried a few better beers, most of which I thought were horrible. I didn't have the palate, or the understanding of what beer could be, to appreciate it. Over time, I delved into better beer and developed a larger appreciation for beer. I remember the beers easiest to move into were lighter colored beers (pilsners, blonde ales, ambers, belgian bolndes, etc.) so you may want to try brewing something you like in those types and see if she gains a greater appreciation.

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Feb 2010
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Yeah everytime I open one up I make her take a drink.

I told her to just drink 6 or 8 of the coors light and finish off with some of my home brew.. you'll start to like it or not notice cause your drunk. LMAO..

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Mar 2010
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To be honest, over time, my wife has really started to appreciate the flavor of microbrew.

At first, I got the same thing. "That's too bitter. It doesn't taste anything like beer I would drink."

One of the best things I did was have her take a sip every time I cracked one of my beers open. She also helps me bottle and rack, so she has started to feel a little ownership of the brew, too. I think that has started to make her appreciate brewing and home brew more. She even made me pour her a small glass of the uncarbed Honey Blonde Ale we were bottling last time.

It's actually pretty fun to see her slowly coming around.
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I vote for either any of the light hybrids (not kolsch, hard to get right and you have to be a geek to appreciate it anyway) or maybe an english brown.

BTW, depending on how clean you can brew a beer, a lager by mid June is not out of the question. I got 1st and 2nd in category 1 in the NHC first round with a* 6 week old (when judged) lager. I'll rebrew it for the second round which is judged mid June.

* yes a beer, I brew 1C and then cut it with carbonated water to make 1B and 1A, yell at me in the blending thread but while I like to brew these sometimes I never need 15 gallons of it.

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Old 04-29-2010, 12:58 AM   #17
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my wife hates BMC beers.

my wife hates (most) hoppy beers. my wife hates lighter, low-hopped beers (my 29 IBU ESB, scotch ales, etc)

my wife hates guinness.

she loved my robust porter. loved it. and southern tier's barleywine. bigfoot was "pretty good". moose drool was drinkable.

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Old 04-29-2010, 01:47 AM   #18
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I second...or third...or whatever, the motion of brewing either an American or German Hefe, or a Belgian style Wit. It's a very smooth beer and it's easy to control the off flavors to your liking. Brew at a lower temperature with a decent starter and yeast energizer & nutrients if you want to reduce the "hefe flavor", or run it at a higher temp (70's) without nutrients and energizer and a smaller starter. Others could have their own opinions...this is just mine. A wit is similar, and control the spice by reducing or increasing the coriander as well as how fine it is crushed.

Most people I've met who haven't tried many beers, take well to wheat variety.

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my wife loves Edwort's Bee Cave Hefeweizen. Also, as she is a coors light drinker, the recipe from Complete Joy of Homebrewing "St Louis Golden Lager" was a big hit.
The more she drinks the homebrew, the more she likes it....its a good thing when shes asking "when is your kegerator going to be finished??"!!

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Aug 2009
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There is a recipe on this site called SWMBO Slayer. Belgian-style blonde. Very clean and drinkable. Might want to try that one as it's also a perfect summer brew.

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