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Looks like a hop to me. Some plants flowers change color due to soil acidity. Hydrangeas are a good example of this changing from blue to green to white to pink depending on level of soil accidity. Maybe you have a hop that does something similar.

I think you ought to give it a try. Maybe you've stumbled upon something great. Also, you might just want to contact Thyme Garden and ask them.

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Aug 2009
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nice hops. I wouldn't think ph is the cause of the change. I know hops like lower ph. and people growing down in texas with high ph haven't reported anything unusual. Cold weather does can cause purpling. Also you said its in a container. Lack of prosperous also can cause purple tints. Maybe if you hadn't put down any fert. it could be it.
I could also be some mutation. Watch it next year and see if it does the same. You might have something new.

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Originally Posted by Crazytwoknobs View Post
That looks very strange. Do they smell/taste normal?

Wait, are you sure those are female cones? Seeds maybe?

Edit number 3:

Found this on google image search for "hop seeds":

Someone had male hops in the area near this plant! If my cones had this many seeds I'd probably discount the AA% and use more to brew a batch!
Looking forward to brewing some beer

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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by cuinrearview View Post
Someone had male hops in the area near this plant! If my cones had this many seeds I'd probably discount the AA% and use more to brew a batch!
There definitely aren't ANY hops in that picture...

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Oct 2009
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Just stumbled across this topic since I've been researching the internet about these "purple" hops. One of my hop plants just started producing this same type of flower, cone, bud, as Devonian's pictures show. I'll take some pics of my own hops for comparison, but the biggest stumper is that it's late autumn upstate New York weather right now. These strange things are surviving in 40 degree weather out there, and just sprouted out of nowhere last week.

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The local brewery has a few cascade hop vines out front for decoration.

When I drove by yesterday, I noticed that the vines had turned purple. Didn't get a good enough look to tell if it looked exactly like yours, but the overall color of the plant matched.
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Originally Posted by Reno_eNVy_446 View Post
And can anybody answer me why whenever I post something about ganja, even if it's relevant to the topic, it's immediately deleted and I'm warned but others can talk freely about it and even post pictures of some SERIOUS pictures of gigantic colas? It's always the excuse that "we don't talk about illicit or illegal activities" but everybody looks the other way when there are CLEARLY people who brew more than 200 gallons a year...
Because we don't discuss illegal/illicit activities. Period. It is a rare occasion that anyone freely admits brewing over the legal limit, and we won't tolerate that, either. Let's cut the chat about weed in this thread and stick to hops, please.

This isn't up for debate.
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Nov 2009
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Cool temps cause plants to be purple instead of green... Happens to my tomatoes until things warm up in late July before things cool off again in late August.

Frickin' New England.... I love it, but the cold is a pain.

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Apr 2009
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I dont' care about plants other than hops here, but yellowing leaves that are curling up is still a manganese deficiency. Pee on your hops mound!

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Soooo a drowned and sickly bine rhizome popped up a bine 4 FEET from where it was planted.



Even My 3rd year Cascade starts all bines within 3 feet or so. A transplant 1st year 4 ft away? No Way.

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