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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
You made a mistake from the start. If you wanted tinker with things and use your hands (for something other than typing on a keybaord) you needed to be a technician and not an engineer.

I'm an EE and the only reason I've actually touched electronics stuff at all since I graduated was to build my HERMS system.
Actually, my mistake was that I had no idea (nor did I care) what engineering even was. I just knew I was smart enough and could do calculations and crap without barely trying. It was more like common sense to me. That and liberal arts people annoyed me to no end. Hah. Little did I know you should have passion because you will be stuck doing it for 30+ years. I'm unemployed now and absolutely dreading that I have to get another engineering job. Oh well, at least I met my man in school that's what I always consider my loans bought me.

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Originally Posted by mosquitocontrol View Post
If you can do it in any way possible without taking out loans I say do it. I graduated a mechanical engineer and stayed for my masters. After working 2 years I realized I HATE it with a passion. But now I'm stuck for 10+ years until loans are paid off. If you already know what you dislike, run far away before its too late.

How is it I became an engineer because I like to tinker with things and use my hands. But nearly every engineering job that doesn't require a PhD has you sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer?
I'm finding myself in a somewhat similar position. While I love the hands-on aspects of being a ChemE (i.e. being out in the plant troubleshooting a faulty pump, actually running a process, etc.) the long hours in front of the computer writing reports, process instructions, and doing scale-up calculations can be maddening from time to time. Couple that with the fact that the plant I'm based at here in PA is a union shop and I can't do all that much monkeying around up here. Now, when I'm down at our southern VA facility it's a different story entirely. No union, much more relaxed atmosphere, and nicer people. I basically have free reign to do what I like when I'm there as far as making on-the-fly process changes, being in the production areas, and in general just walking around the place.

Needless to say, I like when I have to travel. Apart from the 6-hour drive, that is. And I do like my job. I just really wish I got more time in the lab, is all...That's probably what I miss most about my internships, the actually getting to make stuff. Oh, well. I'll put in a few years and see about going back to school. Who knows? Maybe I'll have enough saved by then to start my own nanobrewery!
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Mar 2010
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I am a masters student in Environmental Science and Biology and will be defending my thesis in about a month. I have a job lined up as a project coordinator/field crew leader/research associate on a big wetland project. Not an engineer, but I love to tinker and "fix" things.

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RF Design Engineer/manager here...

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Jan 2010
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I have a B.S. in Sociology: Concentration in Social and Criminal Justice.

Right now I work at a residential facility for people with mental illness.

However... during my stint in the U.S. Navy I was training to be an Electrician and I did fairly well until things went sour.

So, I only sort of qualify as an engineer.
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Mar 2010
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Aerial Gunner on an HH60 Pavehawk combat search and rescue helicopter.

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Civil engineer

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Phd student in archaeology. But we tend to do a lot of our own cooking/plumbing/electrical/engineering ourselves being far from the comforts of modern civilization for months at a time.

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I find dichotomies fascinating.

“Malt does more than Milton can / To justify God’s ways to man”

-A. E. Housman (1859–1936). A Shropshire Lad , 1896.

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Mar 2011
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I'm in sales - Though my father is an areospace engineer, and he got me into brewing.

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