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Apr 5, 2005
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Ogden, UT
My wife, myself, and another couple are spending a week touring wine country (Napa & Sonoma) in an RV this spring. Any notable brewpubs in the area?
Heck yeah!

3rd Street Aleworks in Santa Rosa - good beer and a fun place.

Bear Republic Brewing Company in Healdsburg (don't miss this one) HOP ROD RYE RULES!!

Moylans in Novato - great IPA and bitter

But do yourself a favor and go up to the Anderson Valley. Great wine, fewer tasting fees, much more beautiful and mellow. And the Anderson Valley Brewing Company...great beer. It's *the* place to go wine tasting IMO.

If you make it to the coast, North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg is awesome.

I'd skip it, but the Mendocino Brewing Company is in Hopland.

There are a couple in San Rafael...nothing notable.

That should get you started. Have fun when you're out here ;)
Last time we visited we drove through Healdsburg. Can't believe I missed that one. Thanx, Janx for the list!

Hey, isn't the movie coming out in May? Who's playing Zaphod?
I forgot who's playing him...not too many big names in it. I know Arthur Dent is that guy from the British series The Office...the guy who's always messing with Gareth.

Bear Republic is a great place to hang outside and have a bite to eat. They have a great sunny/shady beer garden setup and they're right near the downtown central square. It's definitely a frequent stop for us. Have a great time! :D
Spent a very pleasant afternoon at Bear Republic in Healdsburg quaffing Hop Rod Rye during our wine country trip. Excellent tip, Janx.