Will a chest freezer run on its back?

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Nov 22, 2008
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Austin, TX
e.g. does the compressor and related equipment have to be upright?

I am asking this because I am wanting to put together a bar in my home and I am brainstorming for ideas of how I can keep a chest freezer under the bar, while still having the lid be accessible as well as being able to hard mount the beer tower(s) on the bar top. (And not having it look like $hit)

I was entertaining the possibility of laying it on its back and opening the lid like you would open an oven (obviously, provided that it was deep enough to fit the kegs standing up).

Any other ideas of how to incorporate a chest freezer into a wood bar are welcomed.
Don't take my advice, but the compressor is a small part of the freezer. I wonder if you could rotate the compressor to use it on its back? Are there other parts that also need to be run right side up?
You may be able to rotate the working parts so that it will run properly on its back. Take the cover off and see what it'll take. Just be careful not to accidentally crimp any coolant lines.
I bought a used keezer and tap system from a guy. He turned the keezer on it's side and rotated the compressor accordingly and it worked fine for him. He just had a keg of Keystone in the freezer.

I rotated the compressor back to factory position as I intend to use the keezer in it's normal position and it works fine for me in that position.
Additionally if you lay your kegs down on their sides you won't get all of the beer out. The dip tube won't go low enough in the corney to get the last few glasses out if they are not upright.
If the fridge was alrge enough they be able to remain upright. If you could get a tight enough seal to not leaks with it on it's side, Diptubes can be modified pretty easily to pick from the new bottom (side wall).