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Texas Ale Works
May 27, 2008
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Monument , CO

Every week I am a bit close to getting the High Gravity 220v eBIAB system.

Trying to plan through the modifications and changes I will need to incorporate to make it fit my brewing style (been brewing for 10years now..wow!). After talking with Dave at High Gravity, I know there have been a few changes to the system over the ones that you can see on the YouTube videos...all SS camlocks, moved the temp probe from the lid to a port on the side of the kettle.

My idea is to move the temp probe either back to the lid (wort return) or to the bottom (wort out)using a SS "T" and then adding a "SpinCycle Submerged"
where the temp probe was to create a whirlpool. I will also be adding a Edge Pickup dip tube
to help keep the plate chiller clean.

this long set up brings me to my question, I have a SS 400 micron Hop Basket from ArborFab, and I hope it fits - wont know until the kettle gets here - and I would like to use it with whole leaf hops, but not sure if they will work in it.

Any one have any experience in this area?
Thanks for your time

I love using whole hops. When I switched to e-biab, I bought a SS hop basket, but it turned out that with the false bottom, the hop basket sat too high when using more than an ounce of hops. In comes the old standby, my trusty hop spider. It uses a 5 gallon voile paint strainer bag. I could probably fit a gallon of whole hops in there and still have them submerged.
might have to go this direction if the SS basket does not fit the new system

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