West Coast IPA Yeast Experiment

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Short Circuited Brewers
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Mar 19, 2013
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I joined a experiment with the online homebrew club Brewtubers. for this pretty cool experiment.

We all brewed the same recipe and then fermented with all different yeasts.
We are just about done with all our tastings, and we are soon going to have the results up on the brewtubers website with all of our sensory perceptions. Here are some of my videos on the experiment.

The yeast strains in the experiment:

-Mainiacal Juggernaut
-Mainiacal Berserker
-Imperial A24 Dry Hop
-Imperial A18 Joystick
-Imperial A15 Independence
-Wyeast 1450 Denny Favorite 50
-Imperial Yeast A44 Kveiking
-White Labs WLP644
-Omega OYL200
-Imperial Flagship
-Bootleg Biology Brulosophy Blend
-Imperial A20 Citrus
-Omega Voss Kveik

The explanation of the experiment.

#1 Tasting of these yeast
Imperial Independence A15 | Imperial Flagship A07 | Wyeast 1450 "Denny's Favorite" | White Labs WLP 644

#2 Tasting of these yeast
Mainiacal Juggernaut | Imperial Joystick | OYL 200

#3 Tasting these yeast.
Maniacal Berserker | Imperial A24 Dry Hop | Bootleg Biology Brulosophy blend