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Dec 5, 2008
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Menomonie, Wisconsin
I have become a fan of a little mom and pop shop brewery in Wisconsin sort of near where I live. Viking Brewing Co. in Dallas Wisconsin is an interesting little place. The Owner/Brewer, Randy Lee is a truly genius level person (no joke this guy is like a nuclear physicist or something like that on top of owning a brewery). His brews are wide in style and I have become a big fan. I am fairly sure that the beer is not available outside of this area of the state but it may be possible to order some. The brewery is in the basement of an extremely old creamery building located stradling a small river/creek. He brews out of old converted dairy equipment, it's a very cool tour to take. Anyway, before I cramp up after writing all this just wanted to say check the website out if you want. CHEERS!!!!

Also any thoughts on New Glarus or any of their beers?
I actually went to high school with his son and daughter. I just found out about them a couple weeks ago. I have not tried any of their brews yet though.
Tried there Big Swede at the Festivale thing at High noon saloon. Big, big balls on that sucka! Need to serve that in a brandy sniffer while enjoying slowly in front of a fire.
They have a beer called Hot Chocolate. A chocolate stout with cayenne pepper. Haha, it's interesting that's for sure. I've bought a 4 pack of the Big Swede about a year ago but I haven't tried much else. Though I believe The Old Fashioned has one of their beers on tap. Maybe the copperhead??