The HomeBrewTalk Top Recipes - Part 1

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I get asked all the time by new and experienced brewers alike "What are the top recipes here on HomeBrewTalk?". There's something extraordinarily gratifying about being able to produce the perfect pint of _______ after having read about it over and over.
As of this writing there are over 4,000 recipes in the recipe database which can make it a bit overwhelming when deciding what you're going to brew next.
Here are the top recipes section by section based on style. Thousands of you have brewed these so let us know in the comments which one you did and how it went.

Light Lager - Augustiner Lagerbier Hell - Joe Dragon

Pilsner - Something Like "Stella" - Mutilated1

European Amber Lager - Marzen/Oktoberfest - Yooper

Dark Lager - Uncle Crunkel's Munich Dunkel - scinerd3000

Bock - HBT BJCP comp winning Maibock - Tonedef131

Light Hybrid Beer - Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale) - BierMuncher

Amber Hybrid Beer - BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale - BierMuncher

English Pale Ale - Common Room ESB - KingBrianI

Scottish and Irish Ale - Raging Red Irish Red Ale - Mysticmead

American Ale - Centennial Blonde - BierMuncher
BeirMuncher's Centennial Blonde is not only the top recipe in it's style here on HomeBrewTalk, but the top recipe of all time. More people have viewed and brewed this Centennial Blonde than most of the other beers on this list combined.
We continue next week with the part 2 covering the remaining styles in the recipe database.
Make sure to share your thoughts on the beers so far in the comments.
mmmm ... would like to brew them all!
I've made many 5 gal. AG batches of Cream of 3 Crops and it remains a staple here. I have used several different yeast strains and have found WLP-080 Cream Ale blend works best for me followed closely by BRY-97. Have also varied the hops bill and enjoy a variant I call Mt. Hood Cream Ale by subbing Mt Hood for the Crystal. The recipe lends itself well to this kind of experimentation. Hats off to Biermuncher for a very enjoyable and adaptable recipe!
I've made a couple batches of Cetennial Blonde so far and it really is very good. I need to make some more this summer.
No IPA made the list! I was hoping I would find my next brew to do in this post. Anybody want to give me some tried and tested recipes they love? I generally like my IPAs around 6% with 80 IBU.
The APA looks good....
After 8 years, I guess it wouldn't do any good to report the recipe as being posted the wrong category? ;)
It's a great recipe, but it's sad to see it bump EdWort's Haus Ale.
His ESB is just sublime. Such a simple recipe lets the ingredients shine. Love his description of it being drunk in an old tavern (something like that). Very poetic and very justified given the ale's quality.
Ive brewed half of the above recipes. All were good. My favorite recipe of all time is Yooper's Hoppy Amber/Malty IPA. Thanks for this article, always trying to decide what to brew next!!!
Cool! I've always been a little overwhelmed looking through the recipe database. It's great to have a list of the best ones.
ETA: I'm doing that ESB recipe soon.
I just brewed the ESB, but I screwed something up....Probably the water since I used all RO water. I have stuff for 3 other batches, once they're done I'll do the ESB again because I know it can be great if I do my part right.
This winter when I can ferment a lager, I'll try both the Dunkel and bock.
Thanks for the list.
@TheLadybugTree Try this website:
some nice beers in there,even i have made BeirMuncher's Centennial Blonde.was one of my first all grain beer's
Common Room ESB and Centennial Blonde are on my do over (and over and over and...) list. I have batch of Blonde in primary right now.
@andy6026 Top views, in consideration of posts as well. Some recipes have a ton of post, but because they are difficult or brewers ran into issues and had to trouble shoot.
BierMuncher thank you for Centennial Blonde! Used that for a couple of friends first all grain adventures and it always turns out great. I've also swapped hops out with Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy and others; that malt bill really works.
I have brewed a few of these. The Raging Red and Centennial Blondes are ones I usually try and keep a pipeline of though. Great beers.
Thank you for this article, Austin. Will definitely use it when looking for new recipes!
So these are not the "Top" quality recipes, just the ones that have the most chatter? I can honestly say that the Stella clone is right up there with the import...if you know what I mean. A top recipe article will need to go deeper than hit counts I think.
I did a variant on the 3 crops beer - came out just fine. Honestly, at this point I am much more interested in my own recipe development than trying to clone or reproduce someone else's beer. BBD was kind of boring just following a recipe.
Centennial Blonde was the first beer I brewed where someone asked "What brand is this and where did you buy it?"
But Common Room ESB...that's the best beer I've made so far. Perfect for my tastes.
They are both on my "brew again (and again and again..." list.
I havent taken many recipes from HBT, but I've brewed Centennial Blonde and have to agree - It's a keeper! Thank you for sharing!