Thanks to te beer gods for spare tanks.

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Jan 23, 2008
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I have (2) 20 pounds bottles I keep filled. One in service and the other as a spare. I have a lot of gear and toys to serve beer with but, honestly, I don't drink that much or that often. I just love beer and brewing.

So, I go out to the draught box I keep in the garage to pull a pint. It has been a while, say a couple weeks, since I last pulled anything from the draught box. Low stores on kegs at the moment and SWMBO is complaining about the stores of bought bottles. So, I have drinking those down.

Back to the box. I pulled the handle and NADA. No hiss, no gurgle, no foam, nothing. First I figure maybe I kicked that keg and forgot. Pulled the next. NADA.

Check my tank and it was empty. No big deal really but how annoying. Whats wierd is that the kegs have lost pressure too. Maybe I have a leak, I dunno I am pretty anal retentive about checking my lines for leaks at every cleaning.

Maybe the kegs lost enough pressure that the seals aren't holding? Possible but doubtful.

Ah well. Whatever the result, I can't stress enough how practicle it is to have a spare tank at the waiting for whatever reasons.

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