Syrup instead of water for mead

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Hello all, if I use syrup instead of water to make mead what is the ratio water to syrup to make juice for 5 gallons. Is it 1:1 or 2:1 cups?
I'm not exactly sure I understand this correctly.
Are you looking to make the water a syrup flavored water & make your mead from that?

Is this Maple syrup you're looking to dilute? If it is, I would recommend using straight water & honey to ferment with & backsweeten with your syrup.
Maple tends to lose almost all of it's flavor through the airlock in primary & Maple syrup, (at least the real stuff) is far too expensive to waste like that, unless you're into throwing away money like that. 🤔 😄

If that's the case, You'll have to adjust your recipe according to what you want your starting gravity to be.

My first thought would be to take equal parts (water & syrup) & mix them together until fully combined & take a gravity reading of that. That should give you a baseline idea of what your ratio should be. If the gravity winds up anything over 1.050, then you'll need to add more water.
For example, store bought juices tend to have a gravity of around 1.050, not all, but most do. We know that honey gives approximately .035 points/gallon. Knowing that, if you started with a gravity close to 1.050, it would take about 1.6 lbs of honey to bring you to 1.102-1.104ish.
I hope this helps you.
Happy meading:cool: