Apple Juice and Honey... how much?

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Aug 10, 2023
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So I decided I want to use apple juice instead of water. I looked at several search results for the topic and nothing was direct enough for my brain.

Specific question. Do I use a juice wine calculator, and replace sugar with honey 1 to 1?

I know juice has its own sugar content, and you need to use less additional sugar to get your ABV goal, how does that translate to honey?

Looking to make ~6 gallons, I would typically use 18lbs honey and fill to 6gallon mark with water. I would assume Im going to need far less honey.
Im going to put 4 gallons juice and add honey until its 1.13 sg, then upscale to keep it around that sg for 6 gallons I might keep track and post my numbers
5 gallon apple juice, honey up to 6 gallon mark.... sg 1.120~
10g lalvin k1-v1116
(an amount) ferm O didnt measure just dusted while stirring... a wine cork size amount 10g?
Makes sense, apple juice is typically 1.050 and 2 pounds of honey for each gallon gives you anothee 0.70. Your spot on. 1116 yeast should do fine with that.

10 gr Fermaid-O At yeast pitch
Consider adding another 5 gr at 24, 48 and 72 hours. Stir or swirl it good before adding and add it to a little must to disolve as much as you can then slowly add it. Otherwise you risk a lot of foam and mead fountains are no fun.
So it ended up at 1.000 at the 2 week point, and i started drinking it. I dont like it better than the traditional ive been making, probably wont be doing it again. I might try with unfiltered apple juice in a small batch.

My ferment vessel started leaking from the spigot from tapping out glasses, so we racked it just now. Looks great hopefully it will age out and be smoother, its got a citrusy kind of taste probably all the co2 still and how young it is.

While it was brewing we tried some black tea in a traditional and that was great, filled a mason jar dropped in a black tea bag, let it steep for a bit, and it was way too strong. So i took the tea mead and did 1 to 5 into another jar with the traditional and it was so good.

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