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Apr 21, 2007
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Harrisburg, PA
If I wanted to submit a beer to a competition do I need to filter it? It doesn’t say anything in the rules that it must be filtered, but they are using the 2004 of the BJCP? Rules.

Thoughts, advice?
No need to filter a beer. Time will clear most beers sufficiently to meet any criteria set forth by the BJCP.
Depends on the style of the beer. If you have a cloudy beer that according to the style guidelines should not be cloudy, then filter. Even still, appearance is only 3 points out of 50 and inappropriate cloudiness would only deduct 1 point. The only way I could see more would be something like a completely cloudy beer like an American Lager, which may be worth a 2 point deduction. Cloudiness in a pale ale though could be attributed to hop haze and would probably go unpenalized.
If you can avoid sediment in your bottle without too much hassle, do so. Judges and stewards do their best to pour the beer cleanly, but there is only so much one can do, and bottles may be jostled around enough to kick some sediment up into the beer. That doesn't just affect appearance, but also flavor and aroma, which are where the big points are. Give your beer the best chance it can get.