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Jan 10, 2008
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Boston Area
Hi all,

I'm looking for a local source for the 8 gram, food grade, CO2 cartridges that I need for my Tap-A-Draft. I buy everything else at my LHBS, but they don't carry the TAD so they don't carry the smaller cartridges. I'm a buy-local sort of guy (plus the shipping costs stink). I'm looking for general ideas, but just in case I'll mention that I'm in Sacramento if anyone knows of something specific.

They're used in mini bicycle tire inflators, so you could try a sporting goods store. Paint pellet guns are another big use, but I'm not sure where you go to buy those (sporting goods store too?). One other place worth checking is someplace that carries kitchen gadgets. I've seen home seltzer water kits that use these cartridges.
I used to use the t-a-d system. I bought my cartridges at the grocery store. Please make sure that you buy the soda chargers, and not the whip cream (nitrogen) chargers.
I started to say whip-ets but they are for whipped cream or as we used them, getting your head right at concerts!!
that probably wouldn't carbonate well.
the pellet gun idea might be the best bet.
Ya if you have a wal-mart around your area, head over to the sporting goods section where the paintball gear is kept. There should be some 8 grams there.
Thanks everyone.

So far:
Williams Sonoma website says they don't carry the chargers in the stores
No luck at two grocery chains (Safeway, Save-mart)
Wal-Mart (12 gram only)
Big 5 sporting goods (12 gram only)

I may have to break down and mail order them.

I checked at another Safeway and at a food service store called Cash and Carry. Still no luck with Safeway, but I did find chargers at Cash and Carry. Unfortunately they wanted almost $11 for 10 (with tax). I went with Gas Depot and got a 24 pack. Thanks everyone.