Sour Mash/Extract

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Jul 12, 2005
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near Asbury Park
I read Appendix 6 (p. 346ff) of Papazian's book regarding sour mashing and am intrigued and inspired. If I were to give this a shot, where he calls for:

5-6# malt extract
0.5# crushed pale malted barley

to be "soured," before proceeding with a Lambic or Kriek recipe, would I render my ale pail (souring unit) or my carboys worthless in the future? I know Sam mentioned this in another thread on sour mashing. I believe could scrub the carboy clean (after standard fermentations), but would my plastic fermentor (used once, before I discovered glass) become uncleanable/unsanitizable following "souring?"

He also calls for 1/2 oz of "stale old hops: 1-2HBU." Ummm...what? :confused:

For those keeping count, the recipes for both are on pp 348-349. I read someone here had success doing this before, but I would follow the extract recipe.