New York Selling it all - Long Island ) - $250 neg)

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Oct 8, 2014
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Selling all of my home brew equipment. Slowly built over time but not used nearly as much as I intended to. Likely used for a total of 10 batches. Nothing wrong with any of it. If the kegs aren't needed I will lower the price but would prefer to sell all together. Link to pictures on my letgo listing as this was tough to add pictured to.

1 - Bayou propane burner. Easily heats to boil.
1 - 6.5 gallon glass carboy with carrier
2 - 5 gallon glass carboy
2 - fermentation buckets
1 - bottling bucket
1 - Colonna bottle capper
1 - 10 gallon stainless steel pot
1 - 5 gallon stainless steel pot
1 - mash tun with stainless steel spigot. Wilser brew bag made for cooler.
1 - 2000 ml Erlenmeyer flask - brand new never used
1 - more beer mt700 dual scale refractometer - brand new never used
3 - corny kegs for kegging
1 - inkbird temperature controller
1 - copper 25' copper wort chiller with brass garden hose fittings

And all extras I have in a bin.

Let me know if there are any questions