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Apr 15, 2005
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staten island ,new york
been brewing for a year now. beers been great but would like to clean it up a bit.when should you transfer beer to second fermenter.also is there enough active yeast (since alot goes to bottom ) for a good prime when bottleing?
primary usually takes 3-5 days. if your not taking SG readings, just make sure there is no activity in the ferm lock, and that the rocky head inside has subsided. rack to carboy, let it sit at least 7-10 days (higher gravity beers need longer to mature), then bottle/keg!
good luck!
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I am on my second brew and it's been in the fermenter for 4 days today. OG was 1.058 and today it is 1.025 and still bubbling away, albeit pretty slowly. My question, is there much advantage in leaving the wort in the fermenter for several days after all bubbling has stopped? I do not have a carboy so I am forced to either rack if off to another 6.5 gal bucket, which has been discouraged, or leave it in the fermenter for a week after bubbling stops (or if I go a couple days with no drop in the SG). Is there any advantage to leaving it for 10 days as opposed to 2 weeks? I understand it is good to get it off the yeast cake at some point, but how soon is too soon to bottle after the worry about exploding bottles has passed? I am doing a robust porter this time.
you need to wait until the SG falls to 1.013 (or less) before you bottle. don't bottle if it's over 1.015, or you'll have a sticky mess. i'd let it sit for no more than a week on the yeast cake. may get funky flavors. try to p/u a glass carboy for secondary. you'll notice a significant difference in your beer quality.
DeRoux's Broux