Second fermentation - Needed or is it done?

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Mar 3, 2018
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Hi guys!

So I've made a thread a while ago regarding my first fermentation not working. I ended up doing another batch and it turned out great, both the SG level and pH level were stable and showing a good evolution. The first fermentation ended around a week ago and I racked it to a new, sanitized clean container and added my Mangrove and Jack's yeast. Thing is, even after stiring there appears to be only a small pressure growing on the lid and the cider isn't bubbling at all? Is it still fermenting? Or can I bottle it? Will it take some more time until that whole pressure turns into bubbles?

Thanks :D


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Jan 15, 2018
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Nor Cal
Why did you add more yeast after transferring from primary? Did you add additional fermentable sugars?

If you didn't add sugar, what was your starting and last gravity reading?

If no additional sugar, I would not expect much fermentation. Sometime I like to let it sit in a secondary container, maybe with less head space and to help clarify a cider/wine, but generally speaking, no additional fermenting happens after reaching primary. Maybe another 2-4 rackings if I was interested in clarity or competition, but I'm not.

I think of it as a secondary holding tank where it can age/mellow and maybe induce malic conversion if I want. This is also where I add additional flavorings that might otherwise be lost if adding to primary.