San Antonio - Alamo City Cerveza Fest (ACCF) Competition, April 9th & 10th 2010

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Aug 21, 2008
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Austin, TX

This year's ACCF, besides being in a much more hospitable part of the year, is going to have all of the fun of last year's competition, plus this year's main speaker will be John Palmer!

This year's schedule is:

Entry period: March 6-21
Deadline for Dropoffs at Austin Hombrew: March 21, 3:00PM
Deadline for Dropoffs in San Antonio: March 22
Flight Night: March 22
Judging Days: Saturday March 27, Saturday April 3, plus two other days
Competition Dates: April 9-10

Look for a return of last year's specialty category, Funkiest of Show, and the Brewer's Olympics! What are you waiting for? Register NOW! :D

The main event (April 10th) schedule is:

April 10:The big day at the Blue Star Brewing Company

9:00: Judging begins (as needed)
11:30: Lunch and talk on water chemistry by John Palmer (We mean it this year)
2:30: Pub Crawl departs and judging (if needed)

This year's pub crawl includes these fabulous destinations:
1. Zuckerman's Beer Emporium and Museum- We return to last year's favorite destination, at which we heard quotes like "Wow, this is awesome. My wife would never let me do this with our house." There's a pretty good chance that there may be some special Freetail beers and homebrews available at this stop.
2. Pizza Italia- The Italians aren't known for their beers, but this restaurant proves that mozzarella and a fantastic selection of malt beverages are a great combination. Now hopefully it won't burn down again like last year so we'll get to go!
3. You'll see!
7:00: Dinner and main speakers (TBA)
8:00: Beer, awards, raffles, and general merriment​

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