Robobrew 35L V3 (Gen 3.1.1) - Pump issues

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Jan 9, 2015
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Hey all!

I have a Robobrew 35L v3 that I purchased from MoreBeer on 12/2018. It's served me very well in the past five years, but this year on my last brew 3/30/2024, but I suspect that my pump has failed. I clicked the pump on, light was on the switch (per usual), and I could hear the pump operating from below but there was no liquid moving through the pipe or arm. I continued my brew day but did not use the pump or turn it back on.

After everything was done and knocked out, I went ahead with my cleaning schedule and disassembled the pump from the device. I cleaned it thoroughly and reassembled and got the same result (light from the switch, pump makes sound, no movement of liquid).

Do you know of anyway to if the pump is dead or some other aspect is not firing? I don't mind replacing it, just want to make sure it's worth the replacement.