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  1. B

    Tennessee All Brewing Items for Sale (Robobrew, kegs, CO2, Perlick taps, and more)

    Hi all, I left the hobby a few years ago now and need to part with all my stuff. I'm in Memphis and not shipping anything, but will drive to meet within 150-200 miles if you're buying enough that it's worth it. I'd prefer to sell it all at once, but I know that's probably unrealistic...
  2. J

    Converting Robobrew Brewzilla 35L 110v to 220v?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum so please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong place. I've brewed a couple batches with my 35L US model of the Brewzilla but obviously the boiling performance is pretty lackluster ... it can barely hold a rolling boil even with the neoprene sleeve. Does...
  3. S

    Had my first stuck mash in the Robobrew

    So this is my third or fourth brew and I experienced my first stuck mash. Looking at the grain bill below, it seems pretty standard and is well below the max grain capacity of the Robobrew. I used about 4 gallons of water for the mash. I am fairly convinced the stuck mash was due to grain...
  4. B

    Robobrew V3.1 Refurbs $285 in SF Bay Area

    Saw this on Craigslist today:
  5. _HH_

    Brewzilla v3.1.1 PID mod - worth it?

    Hey team, I’m in the market for a new all in one brewing system. I previously had a Grainfather which I really liked (before the software/app shenanigans rendered it less than useful), but had to get rid of this after moving to the other side of the world. If rather not get another Grainfather...
  6. B

    Michigan Robobrew V3 For Sale

    I have a Robobrew V3 with pump for sale. I have only used it for 3-4 brews. My buddy and I are upgrading to a 15gal system so I am looking to sell this. Works great for beginning brewing and small 5gal batches. I still have the box so I would be able to ship if you live outside the state of...
  7. Spouk

    Robobrew Gen3.1 vs Brew Monk vs Brauheld 15

    I need a new system for indoor brewing cause I have moved and I can not have my 3v inside my new house. So after some research I ended up with these 3. I should also tell that I want to brew only small batches (under 3 gallons, it would be perfect to brew 1 to 2 gallons but I suppose it's...
  8. code3kid

    Should I "sparge" a full volume mash?

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! I brew in a Mash & Boil all in one system which I have modified by adding a pump for recirculation of my mash which greatly increased brewhouse efficiency. I typically brew 4 gallon batches so that I can ferment under pressure in a corny keg. For this reason, it is very...
  9. A

    Robobrew v3.0 vs v3.1

    In Canada. My local brew supply store sells the Robobrew v3.0 for $540. OBK sells the Robobrew v3.1 and has a sale, delivered would be $480. Would you get the v3.0 locally or the v3.1 online?
  10. A

    Robobrew ventilation

    Do you think the air exchanger ventilation in my bathroom would be adequate for brewing with the Robobrew in the bathroom? It isn’t a vent fan directly to the outdoors, it would go through the house ventilation system/air exchanger. Does anyone brew in their bathroom or have thoughts on if this...
  11. Sdiddy84

    Anyone Build a Brew Stand for All In One System?

    Just figured I'd see if anyone wants to share a pic or two of their Brew stand for their all in one system. Sketchups are welcome as well. I'm planning to build one but I'm also learning about this Sketchup program. Hoping for ideas. I have a Robobrew that sits on my work bench for now. and I...
  12. chillandbrew

    Comparing different automated systems

    Hi guys, My friend asked me to join Homebrewtalk and share my experience with the different automated systems. I am making this thread to do exactly that. I haven't seen any thread where they actually compare different systems, just threads on each system. I have used most automated systems...
  13. chillandbrew

    Hello from an old brewer!

    I am homebrewing for 10 years. After all the kids flew out i had more time to this great hobby. My friend asked me to join here as there are a lot of questions about these automated systems that appeared in the recent years and i have used most of them. I have first built my own system - didn't...
  14. E

    Going Electric

    Greetings all, I have been brewing all grain on a gas setup for a while. I always seem to struggle with temperature control, so I want to go electric. I have a 14gal conical fermenter that I modified to have temperature control. It works quite well and maintains temperature within .5C. I am...
  15. shoo

    Robobrew screen diameter?

    Question for the crowd: Anyone have a robobrew, and can do me a favor? I need to know the exact diameter of the gen 2/3 top and/or bottom screens. I would be forever in your debt. Edit: Specifically
  16. L

    How to make an all-in-one electric brewery

    After hours of searching for an article of someone making their own version of a robobrew or grainfather, I couldn’t find one that really came all that close to the real thing. I came up with a plan to make a hybrid of a “robofather” and an electric BIAB rims system. For anyone looking to make...
  17. yarrowgirl

    Backyard Mini-Brewery Almost Complete!

    My husband (I'm the brewer, not him) built me this awesome and compact space for me to brew in! I am looking into getting a Robobrew all-in-one electric system to go in the empty space, though I do have everything I need to brew with my current 5-gallon system. We don't have a lot of room, but I...
  18. sideshow_ben

    Would anyone buy the Robobrew over the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil?

    I've seen a lot of talk about these two systems, and read some really excellent reviews (like Brad at, here and here). For the time being, let's ignore that the Robobrew comes with an immersion chiller and has an option for a pump*. In terms of the basic functionality, my readings...
  19. Hammer Brewer

    Robobrew seems dead :-(

    Hey guys, I've had my Robobrew for a few months and made some great brews. However, today, my Robobrew panel doesn't turn on. The pump is working fine, but the display is not working. Created a quick video to demonstrate the issue: Anyone else had this problem? Any clues? Cheers!
  20. Skipp107

    BrewEasy vs RoboBrew

    Hi All. So I'm looking to upgrade from a traditional 3 tier system to either a BrewEasy or RoboBrew System. I know that the RoboBrew is far less expensive, but it seems like the RoboBrew might be more limited in the styles. Does anyone have experience with both systems? What are your thoughts?