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Jan 22, 2006
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I haven't brewed in 5+ years so I'm giving away my homebrew equipment. Everything is as-is and some of it is pretty dusty as it has been in my garage since my last batch. I'll attach as many pics as I can.
I've got
  • a keggle with a hopback (no lid and no burner)
  • BetterBottles/carboys
  • carboy handles
  • Ale Pail with a spout and Ale Pail with holes drilled in the bottom. (good for extract and small partial bash batches)
  • 5 lb CO2 tank with gauges and some tubing. it still has some CO2 in it.
  • 2 immersion chillers and 1 CFC (the CFC hose connections are a pain)
  • auto-siphon parts in various conditions
  • manual bottler
  • keg o-rings
  • keg "half-moon" key
  • various keg attachment
  • empty WhiteLabs bottles (my LHBS took these back and gave a discount on new yeast purchases, I don't know if shops still do that or not)
  • hydrometer
  • stir paddle
  • glass container for starters with the rubber lid for a bubbler
  • There is also an Igloo mash tun that is not pictured, I think it's a 5 gal cooler.
All of this is local pickup only in Chesterfield County.