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Feb 14, 2009
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About 6 weeks ago I brewed up a hefeweizen for a camping trip. They were in the bottle for almost 3 weeks and the ones that I tested (warm) were pretty darn good. The night before the camping trip I packed two cases of 22 oz bottles into the car and it got got down into the 40s that night. The next day we drove up to the camp and had couple of the beers. They were still chilled and tasted wonderful. That night the temperatures dropped down into the mid 20s, the car read 24* outside temp at 6 am. I was little worried about the beer that was left out under a tarp, but still in the case box.

After a little coffee, I just had to check the beer. I poured a nice head and was perfectly carbonated, and for the first time I noticed very pronounced lacing. The beer was FANTASTIC! The beer was kept in the shade and the day temps never got above 50*, second morning it was 19*, a bottle that was left out on the table was frozen, but the ones in the the remaining case were fine. Well better that fine! :mug:

here are some pics of my "cold crashed" hefe

Thanks for all the inspiration and help from the board!


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Apr 12, 2008
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New Jersey
I'm going right now to stick a weizen in the freezer for a while.