Recipe Suggestions Needed for a Pomegranate Pilsner

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Jan 27, 2008
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Hey guys, still relatively new to the board, wanted to do some ahead of time research on here and pick your brains on thoughts for a pomegranate pilsner. Has anyone ever brewed with pomegranate before? pilsner suggestions? Any help would be awesome for a humble noobie here!

Fort Collins brewrey in, well Fort Collins does a pom wheat that is ok. I think that the juice itself seems to have some off flavors that are hard to get rid say if you add it in the boil. I think making a base beer and then adding in your juice (concentrate or otherwise) in secondary before you rack into secondary is a good way to do this. I have tried this method with watermelon and it is still one of my very favorite brews and turns out very well, this is also the way I want to make a hibiscus wheat (crossed fingers) good luck and keep good notes its the best way to learn.
Thanks a lot Z! Seems like I'm going to have to get a little creative with this one. I'm just wondering how much pom juice i'd want to put into a 5 gallon wort. Suggestions anyone?
Yea, I did a pomegranate blonde. Still have in in the keg. Decent beer. My first beer that has a somewhat "odd" flavor. I believe this to be the pomegranate flavor. The beer is good, and very unique. I am aging it more to see if the flavors mend more. Instead of juice, I used and would use again pomegranate molasses/syrup commonly found in ethic food stores. (big in persian cuisine)
Interesting. I'm considering a pomegranite wit personally. I'd probably put the juice and the seeds from 2-4 pomegranites in the secondary. Maybe more?
I have yet to do a flavored pils, but I have had my fair share of them. Advice I was given by a brewer on a lambic I am doing is any beer you put on fruit for flavor, add a little bit less than what you assume you may need to add. That way, if your beer is slightly less fruity you still have a good beer, but an overly fruity beer just takes all the joy away from it/can make it taste like cough medicine.