Raising Mash Temp.

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Jun 2, 2014
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Hi. Anyone know how many gal. of boiling water it takes to raise 3.5 gal. of mash from 150 degrees to 168 degrees at the end of the rest?
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The answer depends on how much grain is in the mash. I would recommend boiling at least 3 gallons and adding water slowly until you reach 168. Even better, using brewing software does the math for you. There are free software options and beersmith, which I use, is about $20. Beersmith has a free trial version as well. Also, doing a mash out is also not required, although many brewers prefer to mash out.
And here. I use Brewer's Friend for all of the calculations I do for brewing. Well except priming sugar, for some reason I've always used the Northern Brewer calculator for that. And the "Can I Mash It" calculator on Racker's that's on AnOldUR's link above is awesome.
11lb13oz, Thanks everyone. I have read that mash out is not required, and I have never done one before. Essentially, I will be raising the mash temp by sparging around 180 - correct?