Propane Regulator Issues

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Sep 11, 2008
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Lakeland TN
With SWMBO out of town, I am off work taking care of the boys. Well, I am doing brew stuff, and watching them a little.

Kegged two batches Thursday. Brewed a weissenbock Thursday, and a cream ale today.

Both days, I had the same issue. I'm using a Bass Pro Shop fish fryer propane burner. It worked fine for heating the mash and sparge water. Big, blasting flame. However, during the boil, it starts to cut out. It happens after I cut the fire to add extract. When I go to relight it to finish up, I can get hardly any flame.

I thought the regulator might be freezing up, but it does not feel cold.

Any thoughts?
I have a similar problem after switching to my 30 psi reg. It doesn't always want to work when I first start it.

What I found is that the safety valve inside the tank is closing when the gas valve is opened to fast. I can actually hear it click inside the tank. So I have to make sure and turn the gas on slowly to start. If that safety valve gets tripped I have to turn the gas off for a few seconds and listen for the valve to open back up and then turn the gas on slowly again.

When that safety gets tripped it will still let a small amount of gas out and only give a real low flame like you described.

Not sure if this is the same problem you are having, but it sounds like a good possibility.

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