PROPANE burner automated throttle?

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I've never tried one but I read on another board that they are worthless, if I can remember where I'll post a link.
The higher end burners come with needle valves built into the regulator.
Some people use ball valves to control the flow (much cheaper)
I use this
because I get old POL tanks that still have gas in them for free.
I would buy this

for a 10 PSI set up or this

for a 20 PSI .
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Well the only reason that I even considered the Sentry was because I had hoped that I could set my water temp and then just forget it while it maintained a certain temp. If they do not work, well, then I will not even mess with it.
I bought one a while ago, and while it did work, It seemed to cut way down on the maximum output of my burner. I haven't tried it since the first time I used it.
Well, I really dont want to waste $20 on something that "may" work. I DO need to get a weldless thermometer for my keggle though so that I can monitor my HERMS water temp and my chilling of the wort. Who makes the best...
What is your budget for temperature control?, could use a temperature controller by love controls, gas solenoid valve and pilot light for on off control like the brutus 10 system.
Id spend $100 for a propane temp control. I have read a little about the Love Controller, but then my internet went down, now it is back up and I am back to researching. My goal here is to be able to set my keggle water at say 155F so that when my march pump is running off a temp controller, my keggle is as well, so that I can do other things during the mash, like mow my grass (when I get grass planted!)