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Oct 13, 2012
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Picked up a 240V RIMS Rocket (3500W) a while back but didn't have an appropriate circuit for it. Planned to use it at 120V just to hold mash temp, with primary heat still being propane.

Then, remembered I picked up some stuff here and there to build a power distro for some sound reinforcement gear I have.

So, today, made a run to big box store for a few more goodies to finish it. Not wired yet and not screwed down, but I think I have the layout.

It will connect to a 50A circuit via 14-50 plug and cord (had to order a bigger strain relief for the 6/4 cord).

Upper left is Eaton spa panel 50A GFI breaker, then to the right is Square D 100A 8/16 main lugs panel.

The two 20A, 240V receptacles and two 20A, 120V duplex receptacles nearest the breaker panel are each on their own dedicated breakers. The lower 240V and 120V receptacle (split wired) will share a 20A breaker.

Once this is done I'll be rewiring a 120V PID / 25A SSR setup to 240V to control the RIMS Rocket.


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