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Jan 29, 2006
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Lancaster County, Pa.
I recently bought a pound of Saaz pellets for $14.00, figuring at that price, how could I not, right? Well when I opened the factory sealed pouch and smelled them I got a nose full of that cheesey aroma I've heard of, but had never smelled before. So I compared them to some known,good Saaz I have and there's quite a bit of difference in the aroma. I then proceeded to taste a pellet, and while it had that cheesey taste, it was still quite bitter. So, I guess, not to waste a pound of hops, I'll just use them as a bittering hop adjunct, if you will, and maybe conserve a little on the good hops. Sound like a plan?
I thought about returning them but I'm not gonna do that. It's a long story, don't ask. ;)
Ever give any thought to brewing a lambic in the future? Those used aged hops - once they get past the cheezy stage. No bittering, no flavoring, but still some preservative character to them. If not, I bet Landhoney would take them off your hands for you ;)