OK to use Teflon tape on boil kettle fittings?

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Sep 19, 2007
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A brew bro has a nice aluminum kettle with a threaded fitting on the bottom, into which he has installed a brass spigot.

The joint leaks, and we're wondering if standard Teflon plumbers tape is OK to use for this application. My cursory Googling of Teflon suggests it will be fine (no thermal degradation up to 500 degrees F), but I wanted to check with the experts.


Yeah, I agree with the other guys. I've got a lot of teflon throughout my system and have no probs.
Teflon is the second best creation, next to beer of course... oh, and my wifes cute muffin rump!
Thanks guys...as I suspected. Teflon is a miracle compound, to be sure.

Also a good point regarding galavanic corrosion...