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Sep 22, 2007
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So I want to make an Oaked Arrogance Clone, but have never used wood chips before. I know I want to use American Oak chips, but do I want light, medium, house, or dark? Also is 2.5oz enough for a 5 gallon batch or should I double up?
I am not an expert in this area (or any other area for that matter), but I would think 2.5 oz AMERICAN oak would be plenty. American has the strongest character of the 3 main types of oak (the other 2 being French and Hungarian), and the darker you go the more potent the charred oak flavor becomes. 2.5 oz. medium American would be my vote. If you want a more pronounced oak flavor, I would lengthen the contact time.
Your best bet is to use cubes, not chips.. You can control the oak a lot better with cubes.. I have heard some horror stories about chips.

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