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Mar 17, 2007
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Sorry if some of my questions are pretty basic but we have no local brew store and I'm flying alone here.

This is my first batch since my MR BEER and they have no airlock so I don't have anything to base my airlock activity on.

I made a Cooper's Wheat with 1 can Extract, 500 grams of DME, 300 grams of corn sugar and 12 oz. of honey. Also used a packet of Munton's yeast instead of the Cooper's that came with the kit.

After 6 hours, I had airlock activity of about 3 large bubbles per minute. After about 2 days it started to wind down and now at day 7, I seem to have absolutely nothing. I also have my krausen residue floating on top along with what looks like a grey residue, that almost looks a bit like congealed grease or something.

Is this all normal or do I have a problem.


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